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Fright Night 2011


What to watch on Hulu in December

Day (2002) Election (1999) Enemy at the Gates (2001) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) Fierce People (2007) Fools Rush In (1997) Fright Night (1985)...

discovered 6 months ago on Mashable via Yahoo News

Not bad for a city that didn’t even have a Pizza Hut in 2010

With the help of Alicia Keys, Jay-Z released Empire State of Mind, a hit that was quickly parodied...

discovered 6 months ago on The Guardian via Yahoo Sport

Resurgent Rose turns back clock to score 50 against Jazz

On US Halloween night, Rose turned back the clock with a 34-point performance in the second half as...

discovered 6 months ago on AFP via Yahoo Sports

Mighty Shadow obituary

In the flamboyant world of calypso, Mighty Shadow, who has died aged 77, stood out as an eccentric counterpoint to the colourful norm. It was a persona...

discovered 6 months ago on The Guardian via Yahoo News UK

Hulu: What's coming and going in December

Me: Complete Season 1 (StudioCanal) The Wine Show: Complete Season 2 (Sky) 3 Ninjas (1992) A Christmas Wedding Tail (2011) The Adventures of Ichabod and...

discovered 6 months ago on Entertainment Weekly via Yahoo News

40 Halloween Songs You Need to Play at Your Costume Party

A mix of dance-able favorites from the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga plus...

discovered 6 months ago on Good Housekeeping via Yahoo News

The Best Horror Movies For Halloween (That Aren't Too Scary)

For those who, like me, can only take so many James Wan movies (Insidious, The Conjuring) before I...

discovered 6 months ago on Marie Claire via Yahoo News

Looking for a good horror film on Halloween? We've ranked the 50 best of the millennium

This isn't recency bias talking: The 21st century has given us some pretty great horror films. Sure,...

discovered 6 months ago on USA TODAY Entertainment via Yahoo News




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