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Frozen Planet

Frozen Planet is a 2011 British nature documentary series, co-produced by the BBC and The Open University. It was filmed by the BBC Natural History Unit. The production team, which includes executive producer Alastair Fothergill and series producer Vanessa Berlowitz, were previously responsible for the award-winning series The Blue Planet and Planet Earth, and Frozen Planet is billed as a sequel of sorts. David Attenborough returns as narrator. It is distributed under licence by the BBC in other countries, Discovery Channel for North America, ZDF for Germany, Antena 3 for Spain and Skai TV for Greece.


Planet Money Investigates The Origins Of The Sperm Bank

(Whispering) It's like a sperm assembly line in here. Lab technicians then freeze the straws in liquid nitrogen, and it's off to storage. It looks totally frozen. And it's ...

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This is one place on Earth where no life can exist

Life exists in extreme environments on Earth, from arid deserts and frozen tundras to thermal, toxic vents in the deepest reaches of the ocean floor. But...

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To mark the release of Disney's "Frozen 2," a Kansas hospital dressed newborns up as the animated...

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Disney accused of hypocrisy for 'pumping out' plastic Frozen 2 merchandise despite eco plot line

Adults taking their children to watch Frozen 2 are set to be bombarded with questions about the...

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NASA scientists in Antarctica test a new undersea rover

Jupiter's icy moon Europa is slightly smaller than Earth's moon. Europa...however, this ocean is...

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Everything coming to Netflix in December 2019

Joe is back. Beck is... probably not.

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‘Frozen 2’ Stars Talk Possible $100 Million Debut, Which Disney Princess Could Be Bisexual (Watch)

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Science Shows Us Just How Frozen Star Wars' Ice Planet Hoth Must Be

This frozen terrain (in Iceland) shows how even flowing water, in the form of a waterfall, can......

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