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Game Of Thrones Season 4

“Killing Eve” antiheroine Villanelle has spent the better part of the last two and half seasons...


'Killing Eve's' Jodie Comer Breaks Down Villanelle's Fiery Family Reunion

“Killing Eve” antiheroine Villanelle has spent the better part of the last two and half seasons...

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'Rick and Morty' borrows a brilliant, controversial idea from 'Last Jedi'

The many Star Wars nods and Easter eggs in Rick and Morty Season 4's sixth and seventh episodes...

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'The Mountain' has excelled at everything he has tried. Could the NFL be next?

The other day, he deadlifted 1,104 pounds during a global livestream from his home in Iceland. It...

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Mark Ruffalo is at his best in I Know This Much is True premiere

For the live-action adaptation of Wally Lamby’s best-selling novel, I Know This Much is True, the...

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Friends: 10 Jokes From Season 4 That Aged Poorly

There are many good jokes on Friends, but which ones from Season 4 aged poorly? Friends is known for its jokes. "We were on a break!" is possibly one of...

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Orange Is The New Black: 10 Interesting Facts About Ruby Rose's Character, Stella Carlin

Ruby Rose first rose to prominence for playing Stella Carlin on Orange is the New Black. Netflix's...

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This tool will tell you when a TV series starts to suck

Whenever someone mentions Game of Thrones at a party, the collective feeling in the room is of disappointment and how the final season ...

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Why Riverdale's Season 4 Finale Isn't ACTUALLY The End

Riverdale's season 4 finale left a lot of major elements, such as prom and graduation, up in the air...

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⇲ game of thrones season 8, misfits season 4+, how i met your mother finale, that 70s show season 8, greys anatomy season 11+, enzo’s death in vampire diaries ,

⇲ Nothing gives me greater delight than when my mother, who I recently got into Game of Thrones, sends me a text that says, “Weekend is coming...” She’s on Season 4 though: Don’t tell her that it (literally) crashes and burns.

⇲ Winds of Winter, hopefully soon. It really makes me sad that people are dissing Game of Thrones who haven't even read the books. If you didn't like the ending, read the books. It's 10,000 times better. The show is a joke past season 4. Martin is going to deliver with the books.

⇲ Season 3: The Red Wedding 🩸 🔪 🐺 Season 4: The Purple Wedding ☠️ 🤮 🦁 #GameOfThrones #Dracarys

⇲ 1. prestige tv series about the mexican revolution 2. commissioning china miéville's scrap iron man concept 3. retroactively destroying all of game of thrones after season 4…

⇲ Does no one remember Supernatural before season 4? Still now, the second most popular ship in this fandom is Dean/Sam. Incest is still not 'normalized'. What about Games of Thrones? Rape and incest everywhere, extremely popular show, and those things are still not 'normalized'.

⇲ So Domo & I are rewatching Season 4 of Game of did I forget this dude Jamie raped Cersei at Joffery’s wake? 🤦🏾‍♂️ How you rape ya sister/baby mama in front of ya dead son/nephew at his wake in a church?

⇲ Mine is Game of Thrones... Started just 5 days back... Now on episode 2 season 4

⇲ Also.. can I just say that I think one of the most highly underrated scores in Game of Thrones is Lets Kill Some Crows in season 4 episode 9. Its so freaking good.

⇲ Finshed season 4 of the Last Kingdom on netlfix. I'd go as far as to say that it was way more enjoyable than Game Of Thrones. It was relentless

⇲ We started watching @TheLastKingdom a few weeks ago, and as we are about to start Season 4, I can't help but think that it is 10,000x the show Game of Thrones wanted to be.

⇲ crazy how game of thrones ended with season 4

⇲ Prison Break season 4 was the Original Game of Thrones season 8

⇲ Sometimes I pick a random episode of Game of Thrones and watch it. Tonight’s pick is from season 4 episode 9. The Watchers On The Wall. #GOT

⇲ Game of Thrones, season 4, because I hated everything they were doing. Glee because everyone kept hooking up with each other and I just wanted to watch people sing showtunes.…

⇲ three awesome seasons for @netflix to take it over and totally fucking ruin Lucifer :( season 4 was a boring soap opera with backwards character development and one of the shittiest endings i have ever imagined wtf are you tryna be, game of thrones? disappointment is real

⇲ Might have a cry thinking about game of thrones after season 4

⇲ Heroes (wasted since Season 2) Game of Thrones (awful after Season 6) Dexter (likewise). The Killing (it collapses into stupidity at the end of Season 1) Hannibal (Season 3 was a mess). Lost (Season 6 was terrible except for some parts of the finale) OZ (after season 4)

⇲ Game of thrones does not win for a plethora of reasons but by god, when Jon takes over command of the wall in season 4, that was *chefs kiss* fucking cinema




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