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George Floyd Criminal History


What does 'defund the police' actually mean?

In an unprecedented moment in recent history, the Minneapolis City Council announced Sunday that they intended to defund the Minneapolis police force....

discovered 2 weeks ago on TODAY via Yahoo News

Greg Abbott has condemned the death of George Floyd, but he’s been silent on Texas’ recent history...

By Jolie McCullough, The Texas Tribune June 10, 2020 “Greg Abbott has condemned the death of George ...

discovered 2 weeks ago on KAMR Amarillo

George Floyd’s brother set to testify as Capitol Hill lawmakers consider police reform proposals

The death of George Floyd in police custody last month and a series of riots that followed in cities across the nation have set the backdrop for a Capitol ...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Fox News

The pipeline for black children needs to be fixed, too | Opinion

Thousands have packed the streets in protest, as the nation collectively responds to George Floyd's...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Newsweek

Calls For Reform Put Minneapolis Police Union Leader In Hot Seat

"People are very, very sick and tired of the way that he vilifies victims of police and defends...

discovered 2 weeks ago on NPR

George Floyd is not alone. 'I can’t breathe' uttered by dozens in fatal police holds across U.S.

Three officers in Aurora, Colorado, tackled Elijah McClain as he walked home with groceries, using a...

discovered 2 weeks ago on USA Today

Indiana ACLU chief: 'We need a bold reimagining of the role police play in our society'

The racism ingrained in the violence of law enforcement on display across the nation is not a new...

discovered 2 weeks ago on The Indianapolis Star

George Floyd Protests: A History Of America’s Militarized Police

Writer Radley Balko says the militarization of American police forces is responsible for violent...

discovered 2 weeks ago on WBEZ 91.5 Chicago




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