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Get Lucky

Every student lucky enough to be in Shannon Anderson’s third-grade class has something amazing to...


Amazing Teacher Hops In Car To Deliver Special Gift To Each Of Her 3rd-Graders.

Every student lucky enough to be in Shannon Anderson’s third-grade class has something amazing to...

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Watch: Ekta Kapoor wishes 'Dreamgirl' Nushrat Bharucha a happy birthday; brands star as her lucky...

Nushrat Bharucha turns 35 today and wishes have started pouring in for the beauty. This clip is from...

discovered 1 month ago on The Times of India

Green-tinged Comet Swan visible from the Earth this weekend

'I think we'll be lucky if it gets to 4, but who knows?' James told Forbes. 'It could flare up again...

discovered 1 month ago on Daily Mail

'I got a transplant in the middle of the pandemic'

A teenager has spoken about how lucky he feels to have received a kidney transplant despite the Covid-19 crisis. When lockdown was introduced, life...

discovered 1 month ago on BBC News

Defense in Trademark Action Not Precluded by Failure to Raise Same Defense in Earlier Action

In Lucky Brand Dungarees, Inc., et al. v. Marcel Fashions Group, Inc., No. 18-1086, Marcel, in 1986,...

discovered 1 month ago on The National Law Review

Lucky Brand Dungarees, Inc. v. Marcel Fashions Group, Inc. | The Recorder

Petitioners (collectively Lucky Brand) and respondent (Marcel) both use the word "Lucky" as part of...

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Supreme Court Sides With Lucky Brand in Trademark Dispute

The Supreme Court is siding with fashion brand Lucky in a dispute with a Miami-based apparel...

discovered 1 month ago on US News & World Report

5 money-saving tips people hate

Yes, New York City has great museums which you may use once or twice a year. But do you want an hour-long, one-way commute (if you’re lucky) each day to...

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⇲ "We have a similar approach to life and a similar approach to acting and it just works. Sometimes you just get lucky. Sometimes the stars align." —Caitriona Balfe

⇲ All success is based on luck. But if you hang around weed smokers sellers all day, the day you get lucky, you get free weed. If you hang around car sellers, you could get a free car. Extrapolate from there.

⇲ If you see this I hope you have a blessed day and get lucky 🍀

⇲ Never forget in 2013 when RTÉ was like "let's get Linda Martin to cover Get Lucky." 😂

⇲ i can hardly take good pics anymore but sometimes i get lucky

⇲ Who was complaining about the generic enemies? It's the NPCs that shouldn't be generic.

⇲ some can have great tts but as far as bsides go they might get lucky for one or two meanwhile txt havnt had a bad song so it's kinda

⇲ TGIF! Cocktail name is "Get Lucky" by Death & Co. In NY!

⇲ Sum times you get lucky 🍀🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️

⇲ THANK YOU ALL FOR 2000 DICORD MEMBERS! 👇 comment below to get LUCKY👇 10,000 kr and 2 NITRO classics GFX by: @srankdesigns2

⇲ Up all night to get lucky

⇲ zoom date tonight. you think i’ll get lucky?

⇲ Occasionally we can get lucky with a phone camera. This one of a Golden-ringed Dragonfly from June 2015. Under the right conditions, the results can be quite pleasing. #dragonflies


⇲ Tonight’s items sold on As Seen On Adult Swim. I was able to snag the patch and the ball, but the plates went too darn fast! Anyone else get lucky?

⇲ Time to get lucky @UnboxTherapy @TCL_USA…

⇲ I’m not gonna bother with this anymore I get lucky on anything but this I’m gonna wait till Ronye is alone 😭😭

⇲ Maybe I'll get lucky too. 🌸

⇲ Gotta admit i did get lucky 😌




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