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Google Io

Google presented AR objects in Search with much fanfare during its developer conference last year,...


Google Search adds more AR 3D objects, including cell models and anatomy elements

Google presented AR objects in Search with much fanfare during its developer conference last year,...

discovered 1 month ago on Android Police

The Google Pixel 4a might not land this month after all, new leak suggests

Had there not been a COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 iteration of Google I/O would be happening this week. During that event, Google would ...

discovered 1 month ago on Android Authority

Google may delay Pixel 4a launch to June: Report - Times of India

The Google Pixel 4a smartphone may not be launched this month as reportedly earlier. The Pixel 4a...

discovered 1 month ago on The Times of India

Google Pixel 4a May Launch Early Next Month

Despite earlier rumors suggesting an earlier launch was on the cards, it appears Google has pushed the Pixel 4a release schedule back a bit to what expected to an early June ...

discovered 1 month ago on Mashable

Google Pixel 4a could be cheaper than Pixel 3a and offer twice the internal memory

The Mountain View company is close to launching the new Google Pixel 4a. For several months, some of...

discovered 1 month ago on MSN News

Google Pixel 4a may be announced along with Android 11 beta - Times of India

NEW DELHI: Tech giant Google has already confirmed that it will announce Android 11 (beta version)...

discovered 1 month ago on The Times of India

Google Pixel 4a Might be Hitting the Shelves in June

Google Pixel 4a is anything but officially confirmed at the moment. At the moment, the only thing we need is an official confirmation from Google itself...

discovered 1 month ago on Wccftech

Google's Pixel 4a Reportedly Delayed Until June - ExtremeTech

Google’s annual I/O conference was supposed to happen this week. Alas, like many other gatherings,...

discovered 1 month ago on ExtremeTech


⇲ I am quite disappointed that Google IO has not *at least* made a virtual keynote. The amount of people that was following it online was massive. I get the value of in-person Google IO, but i think a complete cancellation of it was a very bad move.

⇲ During #googleIO you can't leave without riding one of google's unmistakable bikes 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️ @IOweekproject

⇲ I was supposed to be at Google/IO this week. :-/

⇲ At one of the @GDG (Google Developer Group) Summits prior to a Google I/O. Last week would have been my 5th Google I/O, had it not been cancelled 😭 due to #Covid19 #tech #technology #googleio #womenintech #gdg #googledevs

⇲ Google IO was so much fun. Not only great technologies, but many like-minded folks from all around the globe - phenomenal time! This time we had a nice couple hours with great people like @JeffDean @suzatweet @margaretmz…

⇲ So you're saying the "remove the fence from the photo" effort shown at Google IO years ago is truly dead at this point, right?…

⇲ I woke up early today, which is my usual when I'm excited about #GoogleIO But there is no I/O today. Usually I made a forecast about what we'll see. But today... I'm just going to make one #VoiceFirst prognostication, with evidence. 🔮1/6

⇲ It looks like Google is going to offset 0 mile of air travel for I/O this year ... #io20 #io2020 #googleio

⇲ My plan for today was to post stories and pictures from Google I/O. Well, I guess this tweet is all I can do now. It's right and understandable that I'm not there, but it's still a bummer. 😔 #googleio

⇲ Today's choice for n#GeekTshirtWeek is #Firebase - I don't really use it professionally but still really appreciate the possibilities for hobby projects, and I've learnt so much at the summits I've been to. Miss #GoogleIO this year!

⇲ 🎉 big boss is on the stage now 🎉 #googleio #io2020 #io20

⇲ ☀️ Good Morning Shoreline Amphitheatre 😭 #googleio #io2020 #io20

⇲ Already one year and no chance of going back for at least another year. :( #googleio

⇲ Today I went simple on my #GeekTshirtWeek, focusing on tech this week which would have been #GoogleIO2020 - wearing my #GoogleIO t-shirt from 2017. #StayAtHome Out in the sun, just like IO has been outside the last years. 😁

⇲ 🎉 3 MORE DAYS! 🎉 #io20 #io2020 #googleio

⇲ #Pixel4A Leaks So Far! The device was originally listed with a launch date of May 22nd, but it was later reset. The launch date is now listed as June 5th. #GooglePixel #GooglePixel4A #Pixel4AXL #GooglePixel4AXL #Android11Beta #Android11 #GoogleIO #GoogleIO2020 #UDSTEEP

⇲ #MondayMemories of many wonderful hours spent at #googleio - really feel like I should be onsite right now building an event and gearing up to greet the #googledev community. Please share your favorite I/O memories!

⇲ For (what should have been) #googleio week, I have selected my PPE accordingly. #io2020

⇲ At the beginning, #GoogleIO was all work and very little fun for me. As I get to know the people, I learn to relax more and have a two-way conversation rather than a broadcast. I hope that we will come together again soon. In the meantime, stay safe and feel free to DM me! #io20




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