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The wildest 5G conspiracy theories explained — and debunked

5G is finally here, but as with many major breakthroughs, the new cellular tech has spawned a set of...

discovered 2 hours ago on Digital Trends via Yahoo Finance

Earthquake Conspiracy Theorists Are Wreaking Havoc During Emergencies

Independent "researchers" are sharing unfounded theories across social media, which have the potential to spread panic and confusion—and have even fooled legitimate government agencies. On an ...

discovered 6 months ago on Vice

FBI labels Pizzagate and QAnon conspiracy theorists are a potential terror threat

An intelligence bulletin published by the FBI's Phoenix field office on May 30, 2019, notes the ongoing rise of conspiracy groups online. In particular, the bureau focuses on two that have taken ...

discovered 6 months ago on Mic Network

Russia and China ‘heat up’ atmosphere over Europe in satellite war game experiment

This summer, a layer of the atmosphere over Europe half the size of Britain experienced an electric...

discovered 6 months ago on Yahoo News UK

China and Russia are working on a controversial heating experiment to modify the earth's atmosphere

China and Russia have modified an important layer of the atmosphere above Europe. It comes as...

discovered 6 months ago on Business Insider via Yahoo7 Finance Australia

FBI agents are livid that Trump is amplifying 'bulls--- theories' about Jeffrey Epstein's death...

FBI agents are horrified that President Donald Trump promoted a baseless conspiracy theory on...

discovered 6 months ago on Business Insider via Yahoo News

Muse Found Solace in Escaping Reality on Their New Record

From the comfort of his boutique SoHo hotel, Matt Bellamy is showing me a grainy video on his phone....

discovered 6 months ago on GQ via Yahoo News




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