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Halo Reach

Halo: Reach is a 2010 first-person shooter developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios, originally for the Xbox 360. The fifth installment in the Halo series and a direct prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved, Reach was released worldwide in September 2010. The game takes place in the year 2552, where humanity is locked in a war with the alien Covenant. Players control Noble Six, a member of an elite supersoldier squad, when the human world known as Reach falls under Covenant attack. After releasing Halo 3 in 2007, Bungie split into teams to develop two different games—what would become Halo 3: ODST and Reach. The developers decided to create a prequel to the original Halo game trilogy, freeing themselves from the obligation of addressing old story threads. As the game would take place on a human world doomed to be destroyed, they focused on making the environment a character unto itself.


The real reason these game voices sound so familiar

Major actors and celebrities performing video game voice work is nothing new — as long as the technology has been there, developers have been eager to get recognizable names attached to games ...

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Here’s when Halo 2: Anniversary launches on PC

Just a couple of months after it added Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary to Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC, 343 Industries is bringing Halo 2:...

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Halo 2 Anniversary PC Available Now Alongside Major New Halo: MCC Update Across PC and Xbox One

Halo 2 Anniversary PC has now been made available as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and...

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Meet the Man Who Created Halo's Master Chief

Master (Chief) of puppets.

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Halo: Reach’s PC release is technically impressive, most of the time

Almost 10 years after its original Xbox 360 release, Halo: Reach has finally made its way to Windows...

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First Halo Reach PC Mods Released, Including the Maps Megapack and Reach Evolved Overhaul

The very first Halo Reach PC mods have been released following the game’s global launch on PC last...

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PC players give Halo: Reach a warm welcome

Earlier this week, 343 Industries and Microsoft added Halo: Reach to the Master Chief Collection on both Xbox and PC. This was a big launch for PC...

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Halo: Reach vs. Destiny: Bungie's Last Halo Reveals Destiny's Flaws | Digital Trends

Yes, I love Reach, but a trip down memory lane isn’t how I planned to spend my time. It reminded me...

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⇲ I just think it’s funny how when my brother becomes a licensed md during quarentine it’s a “big deal” and the whole family “needs to celebrate” but when ITS ME leading my team on halo reach to a 50-49 victory I need to “stop screaming” and “put on a shirt”

⇲ CPO Kate-057 (Katelyn Sigland); one of my Halo characters. Got her all set up in Halo: Reach's armor with a custom kit I threw together. Uncompressed link:…

⇲ Another opinion: Halo 3 and 4 had better unlock systems than Halo Reach. You actually had to do a variety of feats to acquire certain unlocks beyond "get to rank X" which is not only more impressive to others, but more beneficial to growing your skill set as a player.

⇲ Halo Reach Campaign clips🪐

⇲ Welcome @Hmbxne to the team! Halo Reach trick jumping legend!

⇲ the best feeling ever is getting an assignment from work and saying yeah for sure I Will Do That then playing halo reach for 3 days straight

⇲ Castle-A076 ----- This is me thinking which Spartan I should do next. Actually, who should I do next as a surprise? ----- #Halo #HaloReach #HaloSpotlight #SFM #SourceFilmmaker

⇲ Might fuck around and replay Halo: Reach

⇲ 4am Halo Reach Campaign session with the boys

⇲ Today I learned that there are some big mods for Halo: MCC on PC, including a Covenant-side remix of the entire Halo: Reach campaign.

⇲ Halo Reach Sabre Pilots are just 😍

⇲ in general, Halo Reach accounting nostalgia, Halo 3…

⇲ Two different concepts of Combat Cycles, a Halo 3 Brute Stalker Concept, and a Halo Reach Sangheili Commando Harness Concept

⇲ Best member of noble team? Imo its Jun, he is just such a badass spartan! Tho, all of them are. #halo #haloreach

⇲ Got off my ass and finished my replay of Halo: Reach on Heroic last night. It was excruciating, especially compared to when I first played it on Normal years ago, but I felt the story hit a little harder on this difficulty

⇲ Adam-A315 ----- I love doing collabs, especially surprising ones. I wonder whose spartan I should do next. @MrSkits94 makes awesome screenshots that I absolutely love. Go give him a follow on Twitter and Instagram. ----- #Halo #HaloReach #HaloSpotlight #SFM #SourceFilmmaker

⇲ Oh yeah also regarding the adhesive, its using the same type of sticky stuff my Halo Reach: Limited Edition poster uses and that poster has been up for WAY LONGER and never fell down. Looks rough around the edges because it was in my room for over 5 years untouched

⇲ Complicating this is the terrible RetCon situation of Halo lore. After the success of Halo, a larger universe was built by Bungie that expanded the universe in incredible stories by authoritative writers. Halo: Reach tore this apart. It nullified its book. Everything goes wrong.

⇲ Metal Gear Solid WCW/NWO Revenge The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Halo: Reach Doom…




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