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Hassan Ii

It has been revealed that close family friend Alexandra Knatchbull and her husband Thomas Hooper have welcomed their second child together. The couple,...


Baby joy for the Queen and the British royal family

It has been revealed that close family friend Alexandra Knatchbull and her husband Thomas Hooper have welcomed their second child together. The couple,...

discovered 1 week ago on Hello! via Yahoo News

Queen's friend Alexandra Knatchbull welcomes second child

Their nuptials were also attended by members of foreign aristocracy including Queen Sophia of Spain,...

discovered 1 week ago on Daily Mail

World Cup Rewind - watch England v Argentina from 1998 World Cup

France were hosting the World Cup for the first time and the European time zone meant there were...

discovered 1 week ago on BBC News

Morocco hopes to boost domestic tourism to save key sector

Morocco's government and tourism industry hope to encourage more Moroccans to explore the ancient...

discovered 1 week ago on Report: Former Zairian Leader Dies

Mobutu Sese Seko, 66, whose despotic and corrupt regime ruled Congo -- the country he called Zaire -- for 32 years before he was toppled in a civil war last May, died last night in Rabat, Morocco ...

discovered 1 week ago on Washington Post

Tazmamart by Aziz BineBine review – life in a secret prison

In July 1971 military leaders launched a coup against Morocco’s King Hassan II, descending on his...

discovered 1 week ago on The Guardian via Yahoo News

‘NBA 2K20’ Ratings Update: Luka Doncic Continues To Soar And Kyle Kuzma Plummets

Luka Doncic makes a huge jump in the latest NBA 2K20 player ratings. Here are all of the details.

discovered 5 months ago on Forbes

Docunight: Iranian Documentary Series - Screenings of

Docunight: Iranian Documentary Series - Screenings of

discovered 5 months ago on UC Irvine Today


⇲ Hassan II Mosque 🕌 in Casablanca, Morocco.

⇲ Le Roi Hassan II et les journalistes

⇲ Hassan II mosque in Casablanca, Morocco looks straight from an Arabian Nights story and reflects the glory and limitless potential of Islamic art. #RamadanMubarak

⇲ Hassan II in New York 🇲🇦 🇺🇸

⇲ Sa Majesté le Roi Hassan II au sujet des droits et des obligations de l’homme et la femme :

⇲ Honored to spread the Springfield College message throughout the world through our PR work. Thanks to Springfield College AssocDir of International Admissions Nick Venn for his work with ENCG- Casablanca, the business school of Hassan II University in Casablanca, Morocco.

⇲ Hassan II un Roi unique

⇲ Le Roi Hassan II avait dit : « On ne doit pas oublier que le Maroc est un empire et qu’il faut le tenir par son seul dénominateur commun qui est la monarchie à caractère religieux. »

⇲ «si tu voit ton ami avec ton ennemi, sache que les deux sont tes ennemis, l’un secrètement et l’autre publiquement» Hassan II.

⇲ What difference does it make if my ancestors were deeply rooted in Morocco for centuries and if I left? I do not pretend to be a shareholder of Morocco. Still I am grateful to Mohamed V and Hassan II for their protection and their benevolence

⇲ Une belle citation de feu Roi Hassan II 🇲🇦 (Maroc) “Il ne faut pas perdre son temps à avancer des arguments de bonne foi face à des gens de mauvaise foi.”📝

⇲ Hassan II Mosque…

⇲ We look up this week on #toptheme with #Top4Towers Use above 2 hashtags with your pix and include hosts @Touchse @Giselleinmotion @CharlesMcCool 🙏 Mine: @BokTower @VisitCentralFL, @kilkeacastle @TourismIreland, Hassan II Mosque #Morocco, Washington Monument in @washingtondc

⇲ Ras le bol de ces muz qui ne s'intégreront jamais à la république, comme l'expliquait justement lui même le roi Hassan II, vivent de la Caf mais insultent la France. Un retour au bled doit s'imposer et la double nationalité supprimée en cas d'incivilité, de délit ou d'agression.

⇲ Mosquée Hassan II Casablanca 💕…

⇲ Morocco Hassan II Mosque Islamic Canvas Painting Architecture Poster Travel Landscape Print Wall Art Picture Home Decoration…

⇲ La répression du criminel Hassan II : « assassinat de 8000 Rifains. violation physique et psychique des femmes et petits enfants par les soldats marocains. Avortement des femmes enceintes. Incendie et la destruction des biens de la population. » L'Histoire ne s'oublie pas 🤞🏻♓

⇲ Sur le fond ca démontre que le journaliste n'a pas été visionnaire et compris l'objectif de la mosquée Hassan II, Notre-Dame est emblématique à Paris et c'est la mosquée Hassan II qui a donné un grand symbole à Casablanca (+ de touristes etc)…




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