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A hatchet is a single-handed striking tool with a sharp blade on one side used to cut and split wood, and a hammer head on the other side. Hatchets may also be used for hewing when making flattened surfaces on logs; when the hatchet head is optimized for this purpose it is called a broadaxe.


Mayfield vs. ... everyone? An illustrated guide to Baker's beefs

Intensely loyal but also doggedly unforgiving, Mayfield doesn't bury the hatchet easily, either, but...

discovered 5 months ago on ESPN

Vagaries of Vice: Check out the first crime report the Post-Dispatch ever printed

The owner of the Post approached him only hours later to merge the two papers. A warrant was issued...

discovered 5 months ago on St. Louis Post-Dispatch

NYSP: Trooper responding to mental health call shot, killed man wielding a hatchet

A New York State Trooper responding to a call for a person experiencing mental health issues shot...

discovered 5 months ago on FOX 23 News Albany

Trump’s executive order on anti-Semitism plunges into the fierce campus conflicts about Israel and...

On campuses across the country, including at George Washington University in the District, students...

discovered 5 months ago on Washington Post

Browns' Mayfield not fueled by college rift with Cards coach

In this Aug. 30, 2013, file photo, Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, left, congratulates...

discovered 5 months ago on Associated Press

Police: NY Man Killed After Hitting Trooper With a Hatchet

State police say a trooper fatally shot a man who had struck the officer in the head with a hatchet during a struggle at an Adirondack home. Police say troopers were called ...

discovered 5 months ago on US News & World Report

A 'hatchet man for Trump'? Barr interview generates new concerns

All things considered, there's arguably no one quite as scary in Trump's cabinet as Attorney General...

discovered 5 months ago on MSNBC

Upstate man killed by police after wielding hatchet

A Hamilton County man was shot and killed after attacking a state trooper with a hatchet Tuesday night at the man’s home, according to the New York State...

discovered 5 months ago on Press & Sun-Bulletin




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