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Hawaii News Now

Hawaii News Now is the name of the news department shared by three television stations in Honolulu, Hawaii: CBS affiliate KGMB, MyNetworkTV affiliate KFVE and NBC affiliate KHNL. The newscasts are produced by Raycom Media, which owns KGMB and KHNL and operates KFVE through a shared services agreement. It also has a partnership with KBFD, which uses KGMB's taped on the field stories during KBFD's 11 p.m Korean-language newscast with Korean language subtitles.


Did Hawaii Five-0's Adam Cross Too Many Lines? 'He Has More to Lose Now'

This Friday on Hawaii Five-0, Adam Noshimuri made some brash decisions that may have forever altered...

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Dept. of Defense welcomes newly promoted Hawaii Adjutant General Kenneth S. Hara

There was a ceremony to recognize Maj. Gen. Kenneth S. Hara as Hawaii Adjutant General on Friday.

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Man says he found a lizard in his Starbucks drink

A man in Hawaii said he found an unexpected extra ingredient in his Starbucks order after he finished his cold brew. The man’s wife told Hawaii

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Shawn Ching to depart as Hawaii News Now 5 p.m. co-anchor

“To the viewers who have watched Hawaii News Now each and every night — thank you for your enduring...

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Shark takes bite out of man's paddleboard and chases him ashore: "You got to respect the sea"

A paddle boarder had a close encounter with a tiger shark near Kihei, Hawaii, Tuesday morning. A...

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WATCH: HNN’s ‘This is Now’ daily news update

Get the latest on news from around Hawaii and the world.

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U.S. Navy investigators search for motive in Pearl Harbor shooting rampage

Lydia Robertson, the Navy's deputy public affairs officer for Hawaii, said she had no update on the...

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LIVE VIDEO: Multiple victims in active shooter situation at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard

Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time. The base's PA system urged everyone to take cover. Hawaii News Now...

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