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Heavy Rocks

Heavy Rocks is the fourth studio album by Japanese band Boris. It is one of very few Boris releases never pressed on vinyl.


Mike Schultz Shows 50-Lb Weight Loss Following Covid-19 Battle

Mike Schultz is the San Francisco nurse who lost 50 pounds following a battle with coronavirus....

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I Spent a Week Down the Right-Wing Media Rabbit Hole—and Was Mesmerized by It

Before being called naïve for being surprised at anything I experienced, my bona fides: over the...

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Opinion | Misguided Attacks on the U.S. Postal Service

Conservatives have long been critical of the Postal Service and sought to limit its abilities to...

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Rain Turns This "Abandoned" Chandelier Into Glittering Masterpiece.

According to John, the sculpture is about 65 pounds when dry, but can weigh more than 1,000...

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The 17 best action movies on Netflix

How to watch: Free Fire is now streaming on Netflix. It's the only Pierce Brosnan-led James Bond anyone actually liked. Brosnan, Sean Bean, Famke...

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A 6 year old SC boy goes magnet fishing and solves a years-old crime | 98.7 The River

A 6-year-old Charleston boy has helped solve a neighbor's mystery when he went magnet fishing in a...

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Video shows moment Michigan dams burst forcing thousands to evacuate

Floodwaters unleashed by the breaches also...

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Officials Warn Virginia Dam Could Fail Due to Flooding, Evacuate Residents Overnight | The Weather...

Officials in Roanoke warned Thursday that a dam was in danger of failing as heavy rain continued to...

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