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Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation is an American conservative think tank based in Washington, D.C., primarily geared towards public policy. The foundation took a leading role in the conservative movement during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, whose policies were taken from Heritage's policy study Mandate for Leadership. Since then, The Heritage Foundation has continued to have a significant influence in U.S. public policy making, and is considered to be one of the most influential conservative public policy organizations in the United States.


Fairport Harbor transforms into Whovillage for Harbor Holiday

The Grinch made his annual visit to Fairport Harbor on Dec. 7 where he once again spread his message...

discovered 5 months ago on The News-Herald

AOC invokes dog breeding practice to argue for government dictated paid family leave

"Do we know how long puppies are allowed to stay with their mothers after a dog has given birth?"...

discovered 5 months ago on TheBlaze

Johnson Joins Trump in Redefining Conservatism

Boris Johnson’s win drives another nail into the coffin of the Reagan-Thatcher brand of conservative politics, write Stephen Fidler and Gerald F. Seib....

discovered 5 months ago on MSN News

Trump, China tout tentative 'Phase One' trade deal, including canceling upcoming tariffs

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump and China said Friday they have a "limited" Phase One trade deal...

discovered 5 months ago on USA TODAY via Yahoo News

Money approved to renovate South Bend apartments that will include 6 units for homeless

Apartments — replacing the roof, masonry and fire escape stairs of the historic 60-unit complex, in...

discovered 5 months ago on South Bend Tribune

North Korea’s Kim Tests Trump’s Patience With Rockets, Taunts

“It’s hard to get a rise out of someone if they keep turning the other cheek,” Bruce Klingner, a...

discovered 5 months ago on Bloomberg

Trump's "tariffs have really just hurt us," conservative economist tells Fox Business

Trump's policy of implementing tariffs on trading partners and rivals is having a negative impact on...

discovered 5 months ago on Newsweek

Bowl-a-thon comes up short on fundraising goal

Curt Zastrow recently hosted his annual Bowling for Children "bowl-a-thon" at Valley Lanes in Midland to raise money for the Children's Heritage ...

discovered 5 months ago on Midland Daily News




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