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The Woodlands churches pray for progress

The ...; and prayer for society and salvation by Coleman. Each one called for justice and peace, using passages from the Bible to highlight these ideals....

discovered 3 weeks ago on Houston Chronicle

Trump Hates Losers, So Why Is He Refighting the Civil War—on the Losing Side?

The CNN poll merely found what the other national surveys have documented in recent weeks: a...

discovered 3 weeks ago on The New Yorker

Charlton Heston’s son says ‘The Ten Commandments' star ‘believed in the Constitution,’ ‘wanted to...

Fraser Heston is determined not to let the work of his father, Charlton Heston, be forgotten with time. The movie star, who appeared in some 100 films in his 60-year acting career, passed away ...

discovered 3 weeks ago on Fox News

'The Anti-Lincoln'

This week, thoughtful leaders in my district and around the country are doing their best to de-escalate violence and channel our national outrage into...

discovered 3 weeks ago on The North Coast Journal

How Fox's 1997 Sunday Night Lineup Ate the Universe

, Fox's ripoff of ABC's America's Funniest Home Videos. After World's Funniest came the cartoon satire of The Simpsons, one of those vast, allusive...

discovered 3 weeks ago on

Steve Hilton: Trump's gains with African-Americans will be lost if he does not lead on police reform

The whole country was sickened by what happened in Minneapolis. Instead, yet again, thanks to the...

discovered 3 weeks ago on Fox News

Meghan McCain: 'President Bone Spurs' has been 'neutered' during George Floyd unrest

McCain criticized President Trump's response to the ongoing unrest, suggesting that he appeared to be "neutered" rather than providing strong leadership during the protests surrounding George ...

discovered 3 weeks ago on Fox News

Lauren Green: Protests, 'otherness' and theologian Miroslav Volf's powerful message

This is not about identity politics, although that's a subset. The book could just as easily be a...

discovered 3 weeks ago on Fox News




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