Horse Girl

Horse Girl is a 2020 American psychological drama film directed and produced by Jeff Baena, from a screenplay by Baena and Alison Brie. It stars Brie, Debby Ryan, John Reynolds, Molly Shannon, John Ortiz, and Paul Reiser. The film had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 27, 2020. It was released on February 7, 2020, by Netflix.

‘Horse Girl’ Review: Facing an Emotionally Taxing World

In “Horse Girl,” Sarah (Alison Brie) is a mousy young woman undergoing a paranoid breakdown. It...

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‘Horse Girl’ Star, Co-Writer Alison Brie on Writing an ‘Almost’ Completely Improvised Film (Video)

Alison Brie had an interesting task with “Horse Girl”: She had to write a script for the drama, but...

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Horse Girl Review: A Muddled Mental Health Drama

After premiering at this year's Sundance Film Festival, Horse Girl, the latest from director Jeff Baena, is now available to stream on Netflix. The...

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All The Movies Joining Netflix This Week

Alison Brie makes her screenwriting debut this week with the Netflix Film “Horse Girl.” The actor, who also stars as the film’s “horse

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Netflix's Horse Girl Ending Explained

Netflix's new film Horse Girl features an ambitious plot and a complicated ending - here's what happens in the finale. Following a debut at the Sundance...

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'Horse Girl' Review: Alison Brie, From Daffy to Dangerously Unstable

Do you know that romantic-comedy cliché in which the mousy young woman whips off her glasses — and...

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What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Horse Girl’ and ‘Ma’

In what is a clear mental health decline, Sarah finds herself entangled in a web of amnesia, hallucinations and supernatural experiences. “It would be...

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A Battle With Depression: The Ending Of ‘Horse Girl’ Explained

After premiering at Sundance Film Festival last month, Horse Girl made its streaming debut on...

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Horse Girl Review: Alison Brie Is Incredible in Netflix's Genre-Bending Film | TV Guide

Last year Netflix unleashed a movie starring Brie Larson called Unicorn Store and it was a 90-minute...

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Horse Girl star Alison Brie knows which of her past roles has horse girl energy

Before the genre-bending feature Horse Girl dropped on Netflix on Friday, EW put Alison Brie in the...

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Alison Brie Based Horse Girl on Her Own Mental Health History

To say her twist-filled movie, co-written and directed by Jeff Baena, is difficult to unpack is a...

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Alison Brie's 'Horse Girl' Is a Surprisingly Personal Take on Mental Health

Brie told VICE about her genre-defying new Netflix film, which she co-wrote, produced, and based on...

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