Horsetail Falls

Eagle Creek Fire: One Year Later, Scars Evident, Area Rebounds

The woman ran back to where the kids were, asking the kid who had been recording, "Do you realize you just started a forest fire?" The kid replied simply, what are we supposed to do about it ...

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5 Beauty Treatments That Combat Hair Loss

Professional Strength Product and Technical Specialist, says that if you regularly run your fingers through your hair and have more than six or seven...

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Rare 'Firefall' Makes Its Return to Yosemite For Just a Few Weeks

When the setting sun strikes the waterfall in February, it douses the water in an orange glow that...

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Here’s how you can see Yosemite’s ‘firefall’ if it occurs

In recent years, every February, social media has been inundated with pictures of Yosemite National...

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Yosemite Firefall phenomenon is ‘treacherous and unsafe’ this year

The spectacle occurs for two weeks in February when conditions are right, with Horsetail Fall on the...

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'Firefall' to ignite in Yosemite National Park during Friday evening sunset

Millions of people from around the world flock to Yosemite Valley, California, to see granite cliffs...

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Beyond Niagara: Where to Find Waterfalls in All 50 States

People travel thousands of miles to visit the world's largest and tallest waterfalls, but there are thousands of waterfalls throughout the United States that are easier and cheaper to enjoy.

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Witness the Most Beautiful Waterfalls Across the US

Niagara Falls can be the trip of a lifetime, filling you with inspiration as you gaze up at 600,000 gallons of water per second plummeting over a...

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