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House Of Cards

Despite the uncertainty that plagued first quarter earnings, the stock market ticked higher. Now, some are starting to question whether or not this rally...


3 Stocks to Sell in May

Despite the uncertainty that plagued first quarter earnings, the stock market ticked higher. Now, some are starting to question whether or not this rally...

discovered 2 weeks ago on InvestorPlace

Analysis | ‘You reek of ignorance’: Fox News hosts who once hailed Michael Flynn’s judge now say...

“And now what he’s doing is he’s poisoning the 2020 election by trying to make it look like...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Washington Post

Ferdinando Buscema and Erik Davis on our pandemic house of cards

A few hundred years later, we got to the measuring tape…and those, ladies and gentlemen, are the big highlights in the evolution of human measurement. You may not realize it, but even before COVID-19, America had a toilet paper problem.

discovered 2 weeks ago on Boing Boing

After trade war and pandemic, China and the U.S. step up fight over journalism

Beijing is invoking matters ranging from McCarthyism to the war in Iraq amid a deterioration in...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Washington Post

Not Even the People Ranting About “Obamagate” Know What It Is

On Monday, before storming out of a press conference when he was confronted through the work of...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Slate

Trump’s Failed Policy Set The Stage For The Botched Venezuela Coup Attempt

It reads like a plot ripped straight from a bad Hollywood script, or an agitprop network television...

discovered 2 weeks ago on The Huffington Post

50 Actresses Over 50 Who Still Rule Hollywood (Photos)

Robin Wright, Viola Davis, Julianne Moore, and Laura Linney are among the throng of 50 actresses...

discovered 2 weeks ago on The Wrap via Yahoo News

Guest Opinion: Get back to manufacturing; our service economy is a house of cards

Mark Twain once said something along the lines of: “We are not going to get rich taking in each...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Bucks County Courier Times


⇲ i think about house of cards jimin A LOT

⇲ California is a house of cards ready to collapse- not just from coronavirus infringements but from YEARS of piss poor leadership! You’re not getting outta this one @GavinNewsom I’ll discuss on @FoxFriendsFirst at 430amET!

⇲ jikook harmonising with each other during house of cards

⇲ #ObamaGate #NeverBiden The House of Cards is Falling!

⇲ EXCLUSIVE: Lagos Assembly Speaker, Obasa, Approves N258m For Printing Of Invitation Cards For House Inauguration Two Months After Event Held | Sahara Reporters

⇲ house of cards;a namseok au in which rm, the most famous rapper and model in south korea, is forced to hire bodyguard jung hoseok due to his recent mob cases. in a world of paparazzi and sasaengs, can hoseok really protect namjoon from the media? by :: jae - peachseokseok

⇲ STFU Samantha Power. What we're witnessing is you pissing your pants as the entire globe gets INDISPUTABLE PROOF you not only unmasked someone you had no business unmasking, but proof you LIED TO CONGRESS and PRESS when you told them you did not. House of Cards Collapsing!…

⇲ SaharaReporters has laid hands on a document revealing how Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, @Mudashiru_Obasa, approved the sum of N258m for the printing of invitation cards for the inauguration of lawmakers 2 months after the event READ MORE:

⇲ [𝗔𝗥𝗠𝗬 𝗖𝗛𝗔𝗟𝗟𝗘𝗡𝗚𝗘] 🔃+💬 separately using: "HOUSE", "OF",and "CARDS" ⚠️tag @BTS_twt to increase their mentions! ~🍀

⇲ should we talk about how apparently *half* of all federal student loan holders were either in forbearance, default, or paying $0 on an income-based plan *before* coronavirus? or are we just gonna continue pretendikg this whole thing isn't a house of cards

⇲ And the houses of cards will fall. Emergencies do not authorize ANY form of government to set aside our Constitutions and trample the Rights of the People This is what we were talking about last night @ChadChronister #LibertyFirst

⇲ I have to agree, Brian. Cda is a dysfunctional, socialist mess, run by a cabal of Laurentian Liberals and their media / academic echo chamber. Alberta oil $$ has propped it all up for decades. Without oil $$, it's a house of cards.…

⇲ I left the house at 11 with 200 or more business cards. Ibelieve i only have like 30-40 left. I put them everywhere gas stations, bathrooms, registers, cars, etc. Some may blow away, some may end up trashed, but as long as some of them end up in the best hands in Atlanta IDC!

⇲ This off weekend I’m watching House of Cards finally 😁 & hanging with fam. Trolls, tweet me on Monday otherwise I won’t see & then I can’t block 😩

⇲ Jungkook's scat in House of Cards is one of those things that make life beautiful 😌 @BTS_twt

⇲ tw cw nsfw ao3 house of cards

⇲ He has to be the most easily inspired person or entrepreneur I've ever heard of, knowing from personal experience what's like to watch a your business tumbles down like house of cards. It kills you & your spirit equally. His hopes are as hard as rock. I salute him.👏👏👏✊✊✊🤞

⇲ Nope, It's the Trump house of cards that's collapsing. #TrumpGate

⇲ Breaking Bad Better Call Saul Twin Peaks The Sopranos Bojack Horseman Game of Thrones Hannibal The Leftovers Rick and Morty Mad Men Dexter Fargo The Office Atlanta Stranger Things House of Cards Sherlock Mindhunter Black Mirror Narcos And I could go on forever...…




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