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How Animals Eat Their Food


In hunted rainforests, termites lose their dominance

A study by Rice ecologist Amy Dunham and graduate student Therese Lamperty, published in Biological Conservation, reported that in African rainforests...

discovered 7 months ago on EurekAlert!

Blue Whales’ Hearts Can Beat Exceptionally Slowly

Slowing to just two beats per minute, the animals’ heart rate shows how they survive plunging far below the ocean’s surface to eat. A ...

discovered 7 months ago on The Scientist

Author Kristin Kimball Wants To Persuade You To Become A Farmer

SHAPIRO: "The Dirty Life... new book, "Good Husbandry," tells how farming has continued to shape her...

discovered 7 months ago on NPR

Keeping cats indoors: How to ensure your cat is happy, according to science

With more and more people living in dense urban settings, what does the future hold for pets? For...

discovered 7 months ago on Inverse

Are we facing population overload?

With seven billion humans living on Earth and rising, Gaia Vince asks whether there is a limit to how many people can be sustained on a finite planet.

discovered 7 months ago on BBC News

Tired of turkey? Here's why you'll want to try a vegan Thanksgiving this year

Jasmine Briones was nervous during her first vegan Thanksgiving. She wasn’t sure how her family of...

discovered 7 months ago on USA TODAY via Yahoo Finance

Hotels Experiment With Reducing Food Waste: Will All-You-Can-Eat Buffets Be History?

In an effort to cut down on the amount of food it was wasting, the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Portland in...

discovered 7 months ago on Skift via Yahoo Finance

How to eat vegan food (and realize it's awesome)- Edible Education

Vegan food is booming right now, with meatless burgers and milk alternatives everywhere. In...

discovered 7 months ago on KING5 Seattle


⇲ Take me back to when "how animals eat their food" was popular

⇲ How Animals Eat Their Food | MisterEpicMann via @YouTube

⇲ Maybe you need to laugh at this again until you cry?

⇲ What happened to the guys who made How Animals Eat Their Food. How do I tell them they shaped my childhood.

⇲ Cory your such a amazing YouTubed and hopefully this makes you laugh since it made me laugh

⇲ Killing animals for food sucks for the animals and for the human workers. These barriers people have put up in their minds between the animal and the product are breaking down as they realize how horrific it is. Stop supporting this. Eat plants instead.…

⇲ Is it wrong to bless food before you eat, to have gratitude? How many Americans say grace before meals? How many indigenous cultures thank animals for their lives & providing food? These ideas not that harmful, when you actually stop to think instead of wholesale attacking.

⇲ Look. The terms omnivore and carnivore refer to how animals get their necessary nutrition, not what they choose to eat. Humans are omnivores; they can survive on a vegan diet because they can get all their nutrients from plants. Cats cannot. They NEED animal-based food to live.

⇲ bruh, they have a seperate menu for herbivores that means the carnivores still eat meat but everyone's an animal theyre eating the corpses of people who are the same species as their classmates how do they decide who lives and who becomes food

⇲ First you wanna watch outer banks and now you’re gonna Watch How animals eat their food. Girls you have to make a choice

⇲ Vegetables is cheap but who can even eat veggies all the time? Humans are born omnivorous, we need meat. Also, how about the expensive vegan food like quinoa? For those who truly go vegan don't even dare consume anything with animal products. They're just destroying their bodies

⇲ We only don't eat meat because innocent animals have to die for 5 minutes of pleasure. Many vegans like the taste of meat so they try to imitate it. Why do you care anyways? You don't care about the life of animals - why care about how vegans call their food? Ridiculous lmao

⇲ Wanna see how animals eat their food?!

⇲ Diana comiendo

⇲ U could literally tell people how bad animal products are for their health and show them videos of what actually goes into their food and they’d still eat it lmao

⇲ 📹 kenshins-soul: thisgirlhastales: emo-sanders-sides-loving-unicorn: pastelvirgil: godpenis: How Animals Eat Their Food this video is fuckin ancient and i honestly forgot how funny it was I always forget how funny this is until I watch it...…

⇲ i will never understand ppl that have left over food in their bedrooms like... why? how can you sleep knowimg that there's half an hamburger right by your bed and there could be animals eating it a d crawling all over your bedroom to eat it

⇲ i wonder if animals look at us and think, “ why do you eat random food, but i ate the same boring food? “ bc no matter how full their bowl is they stay trynna share your food!

⇲ I had to leave my bedroom while we were watching the "How Do Animals Eat Their Food?" because I didn't want to wake up my BF. That shizz was hilarious! 🤣 Thank you for the laughter last night, totally needed it! 💗 #PittsFam




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