Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation Starred Zellweger and McConaughey

Renee Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey are now major celebrities, but The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:...

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Friday The 13th Should Bring Back Uber Jason - Here’s Why

Jason's X's Uber-Jason should get another chance in the Friday the 13th franchise.

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Can Anybody Explain Halloween 5’s Comedy Cops?

An explanation is provided for Halloween 5's baffling comedic cop characters.

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Best TV Episodes Of The Decade

Here are the best TV episode of the decade, from 2010-2019. The past 10 years have born TV giants such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, an...

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'The Voice': Gwen Stefani says 'cut the camera' after this Top 8 singer left her in tears

This is "The Voice," after all. John Legend, the reigning champ, won his first season as a coach...

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The Chronicle’s Decade in Review

Closing the door on the past decade, three Chronicle editors take a deep dive into the early 2010s to look into the moments that defined the decade....

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Rob Zombie’s Halloween Should Have Killed Michael Myers For Good

Halloween’s Michael Myers is known to be an unstoppable killing machine, but Rob Zombie’s take on...

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Money Diary: A Newly Single Mum In Glasgow On 25k

We're asking a cross-section of women how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period – and we're tracking every last penny.This week: "...

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Servant Theory: Dorothy DIDN’T Give Birth To Jericho

Was Servant's baby Jericho ever really born?

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A decade of i-D covers: Karl Lagerfeld, 2012

This story originally appeared in i-D's The Royalty Issue , no. 318, 2012.“Who can ever forget the first time they met Karl? It’s always an unforgettable...

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‘The Affair’ has satisfying, hopeful finish

Who knew “The Affair,” Showtime’s brooding drama about the many lives upended by an extramarital relationship would end with a one-man rendition of a...

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Newport News man takes his shot on “Survivor”

Menchville High School graduate Jack Nichting is competing on the 39th season of "Survivor."

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When is Downton Abbey movie's DVD release date?

Here’s everything we know so far about Downton Abbey’s move to the big screen, from DVD release date to casting and a possible sequel. What is Downton...

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'Twin Moons Rising' opens Krayon Kids season

Kohlmeier also is proud of daughter Kamala, Kadyn's mother, who was a Krayon Kid and is now the choreographer for the shows. "Twin Moons Rising," the new...

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Let's Attempt to Unpack the Extremely Messy Ending of "Last Christmas'

Last Christmas is a holiday movie with a dark twist. The end reveals that Tom (Henry Golding) was...

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No One Could Have Prepared Me for How Traumatizing Colic Would Be

My husband and I were dangerously close to losing our minds. I'd stare down at her face while she...

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Emilia Clarke Didn't Know How To Bend the Knee for Prince William

In 2017, Prince ...interview that they watched Game of Thrones. Not learning how to bend the knee may have been the death of Daenerys Targaryen on the series finale ...

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