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How I Met Your Mother Finale


How Jason Goes To Hell Retcons The Killer's Backstory

Jason Goes to Hell is a very controversial Friday the 13th film, but one of its sins is how it plays...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Screen Rant

Friday The 13th: How The New Blood Confuses Tina's Powers

She’s no prom queen.

discovered 2 weeks ago on Screen Rant

Here's Every Breaking Bad Actor In Community

Community borrowed a few actors from Breaking Bad.

discovered 2 weeks ago on Screen Rant

‘Survivor’ 2020 Finale: How Much Is Jeff Probst’s Salary And Net Worth In Season 40?

On Wednesday, CBS will award its “Survivor” Season 40 winner a record $2M for being the sole player...

discovered 2 weeks ago on International Business Times

How 'Schitt's Creek' inspired star Noah Reid's soulful new single

Florida Evans yelling, “Damn, damn, damn” in “Good Times.” For “Schitt’s Creek” — which ended its...

discovered 1 month ago on Los Angeles Times

How Dan Levy's Mom Made Him (And Likely You) Cry With One Tweet

... welcomed Levy on the show with a remote interview a week after Schitt's Creek wrapped its...

discovered 1 month ago on E! Online

Top Chef Power Rankings, Episode 5: Tell Your Mom I’m Going To The Mall

The chefs brought their loved ones to work this week, which almost killed one of them.

discovered 1 month ago on UPROXX

'9-1-1' Star Ryan Guzman on Eddie's 'Dark History,' Love for Christopher

"He now has to face life and that life is something that he could have never prepared for," Fox star...

discovered 1 month ago on TheWrap




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