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How I Met Your Mother Season Finale


Don Draper, Eleven, Selina Meyer lead AP roles of the decade

Only a month after "The Sopranos" ended, AMC took a chance by debuting a '60s period piece set in a...

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The Mandalorian Episode 6 Has An Awesome Jar Jar Binks Joke

The Mandalorian episode 6, "The Prisoner", had references to every era of the Star Wars franchise,...

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The Standout TV Moments of the Decade | TV Guide

Comedies made us think while we laughed out loud, and even reality TV dazzled us with clashes that proved truth really is stranger than fiction. It was hard to imagine how ...

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The Blacklist recap: Katararina Rostova

For now, she kicks things off with those three all-important words: “I’m your mother.” Lizzie still has her gun trained on the woman ...

discovered 5 months ago on Entertainment Weekly via Yahoo News

Halloween’s Cult of Thorn Explained (& Why It’s Good They’re Not Canon)

Halloween 6 introduces some controversial lore to the franchise with the Cult of Thorn, a Druidic...

discovered 5 months ago on Screen Rant

THEN AND NOW: The cast of 'Not Another Teen Movie' 18 years later

"Not Another Teen Movie" was released in 2001 and starred Chris Evans and Chyler Leigh as Jake Wyler...

discovered 5 months ago on INSIDER via Yahoo News

Gabrielle Union after 'AGT' exit: I spoke my 'unfiltered truth' in 5-hour NBC meeting

Gabrielle Union says she met with NBC executives weeks after exiting "America's Got Talent"...

discovered 5 months ago on The News-Star

How a circus performer and his beloved Chihuahua became the NBA's 'premier' halftime act

Inevitably, Scooby draws the biggest cheers with his grand finale: jumping from one basketball to...

discovered 5 months ago on Roanoke Times




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