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Hugo Chavez Dead


Hardy scientists trek to Venezuela's last glacier amid chaos

Blackouts shut off the refrigerators where the scientists keep their lab samples. Gas shortages mean they sometimes have to work from home. They even reuse

discovered 5 months ago on Sun-Sentinel

Maduro Foes Balk at UN-Backed Venezuela Power Crisis Deal

A proposal to address Venezuela’s electricity crisis with the help of the United Nations is proving...

discovered 5 months ago on NBC New York

Radical Son: The Rise of Chesa Boudin | The American Spectator | Politics Is Too Important To Be...

Unlike Bill Ayers, one of several Weather Underground fugitives fleeing the FBI who would later boast, “Guilty as hell, free as a bird! America is a great country!,” the orchestrators of this ...

discovered 6 months ago on American Spectator

Will future anthropologists wonder how Americans squandered our abundance?

Classic struggles have occurred throughout history, often born from clashing political, economic or...

discovered 6 months ago on Dallas Morning News

A career-making month: Lincoln's Francisco Souto gets international drawing prize and national...

Last month, Francisco Souto flew to Italy to see some of his drawings that were in the XII Florence...

discovered 6 months ago on Lincoln Journal Star

Special Report: Elite Police Force Spreads Terror in the Barrios of Venezuela

The 82-second clip shows the young man sitting shirtless and unarmed in a storage room inside his home, under police interrogation about a nearby car theft, begging officers to spare his life ...

discovered 6 months ago on New York Times

He Knew All About Money Launderers. The U.S. Says He Joined Them

Bruce Bagley, an international studies professor, knew all about how corrupt Venezuelan officials...

discovered 6 months ago on Bloomberg

Bigger issues face boxing than KSI-Paul bout, which actually taught some good lessons

Ask yourself a question: What is worse for boxing, a pair of YouTube stars who trained very hard and...

discovered 6 months ago on Yahoo Sports




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