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Humber Perfect Game


White Sox Talk Podcast: Philip Humber on the dark side of pitching a perfect game

Chuck Garfien is joined by Humber to discuss what his perfect game was like and what happened to his...

discovered 1 week ago on NBC Sports Chicago via Yahoo Sports

Why Philip Humber could never recapture his perfect-game magic

Eight years after shocking the baseball world with his perfect game against the Seattle Mariners,...

discovered 1 week ago on NBC Sports Chicago via Yahoo Sports


⇲ Ten years later, we’re still talking about that play and remembering Galaragga’s bid for perfection. Most baseball fans have zero recollection of Philip Humber’s actual perfect game that happened two years later! In a weird way, the blown call has made it more memorable.

⇲ We all know he threw a perfect game, including him. In a weird way, more people know he threw a perfect game because of the blown call whether he wants that or not. When’s the last time you heard Phillip Humber’s name?

⇲ 1000% correct, there’s what, 1% of non-White Sox fans that remember that Philip Humber threw a perfect game? Side-note, how crazy was it that three perfect games were thrown in a four month window in 2012

⇲ Honestly his 28 out perfect game is more memorable. People know who he is. People don't know who Phil Humber. They are both mediocre pitchers who had one day in the sun.

⇲ I called up Philip Humber to talk about his perfect game. I wasn't expecting this. A revealing conversation with the former White Sox pitcher about the ups and downs of life as a major leaguer.…

⇲ Philip Humber opens up about why his perfect game in 2012 ended his career. “Everything that could go wrong after that did go wrong.” I’ve never had a more revealing interview in my career than this one.…

⇲ I have umpired well over 3,000 base/softball games. Close plays go how the ump saw it. I promise you EVERY SINGLE PERSON THERE knew Galarraga had a PG. Here's Philip Humber's PG. The last out: NO WAY Ryan went but Ump knew the situation & called it a swing

⇲ No way. He should have thrown another one if he wanted it that bad. If Philip Humber can find a way to finish a perfect game, anyone can.

⇲ Philip Humber perfect game. What the hell

⇲ "It felt like I was constantly trying to get back to that one point in time, and I never could." Our @ChuckGarfien has the inside story of why Philip Humber could never recapture his perfect-game magic…

⇲ Philip Humber’s perfect game was the greatest moment of his baseball career. It’s also the reason it ended. White Sox Talk Podcast. 🎧 Apple: Spotify:

⇲ Philip Humber is probably the most random dude to throw a perfect game.

⇲ Yeah please dont act like you remember that Philip Humber pitched a perfect game. Hell i had completely forgotten that Matt Cain had and he was an all-star. Galaragga on the other hand. Will never forget what happened with him

⇲ Galarraga would be less remembered if he had actually gotten the the perfect game. I’m sure a lot of fans don’t remember Phil Humber That being said, since the outcome was based on one call it would be cool if the MLB could retroactively look at replays and put it in the books…

⇲ Is it possible that Philip Humber's perfect game had a negative impact on his career? The former Sox pitcher joined @ChuckGarfien on the White Sox Talk Podcast:

⇲ You would think pitching a perfect game would be the best thing to happen to someone... but for Philip Humber, the moment had a negative impact on his career. He joins @ChuckGarfien for a candid conversation. Listen on the MyTeams app:

⇲ What Armando Galarraga has is actually better than a perfect game. Jim Joyce immortalized Galarraga in a way Phillip Humber could never dream of.…

⇲ What’s more famous: Galarraga’s 28-out perfect game, or Philip Humber’s perfect game? It would have been a cool moment for Tigers fans. But we do tend to forget even when forgettable pitchers do memorable things. Galarraga’s game is remembered by everybody.

⇲ @EvanRobertsWFAN I remember Humber's perfect game because Fox cut out of a 9 run Yankee comeback vs BOS to show his perfect game. Also had a 103 fever that day




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