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Humble Indie Bundle

David Galindo, creator and developer of the game series Cook, Serve, Delicious!, returns to our blog to tackle sequels and creating a multi-game...


CSD: Sequels II: Return of the Franchise

David Galindo, creator and developer of the game series Cook, Serve, Delicious!, returns to our blog to tackle sequels and creating a multi-game...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Gamasutra

Humble Bundle games publishing business rebranded Humble Games - Gematsu

Humble Bundle has rebranded its games publishing business, previously known as Humble Bundle Presents, to

discovered 2 weeks ago on Gematsu

Humble Indie Bundle 21 Leaked by Humble Support - Siliconera

A new Humble Indie Bundle, the game bundle that made the idea of bundling together games for a low...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Siliconera

Xbox's X019 Event: Over 24 Playable Titles Will Be on the Show Floor

Microsoft announced a list of games that will be playable at X019 in London. The show floor will...

discovered 6 months ago on IGN Videogames


⇲ Surprise! Hypnospace Outlaw is in the 10th anniversary Humble Indie Bundle :)…

⇲ Celebrating the original Humble Indie Bundle's 10th anniversary with a bundle that sometimes might be DRM-free and occasionally not Windows-only is the most Indie thing I've seen in a while

⇲ 10 years ago, I covered the launch of the Humble Indie Bundle as editor of 10 years later, I have a game in the top tier of the 10 year anniversary bundle That was certainly a decade…

⇲ The new Humble Indie Bundle is here and I seem to already have most of them. But if you find something interesting in it, here's my partner link:…

⇲ One year ago today... Go grab #HypnospaceOutlaw in the Humble Indie Bundle if you don’t already own it, you won’t regret it.…

⇲ Humble Indie Bundle 21 is coming soon, includes: •Hotline Miami •Beat Cop •Dustforce DX •Moonlighter •Gato Roboto •Hyper Light Drifter •Hypnospace Outlaw •Starbound

⇲ Humble Indie Bundle 21 (Starbound, Hypnospace Outlaw, Moonlighter, Hotline Miami, Gato Roboto, and more)

⇲ Get Hypnospace Outlaw, Starbound, and some surprises in the new Humble Indie Bundle

⇲ It's back! ❤ Humble Indie Bundle 21 ❤ - WANT or SKIP?… 10 years of the Humble Indie Bundle. ( DIRECT:… ) [ 🎮 Humble "Play With Friends" STEAM GAME Bundle -… ] [ ALL DEALS:… ]

⇲ If you want to help support the show and you haven't picked up your Humble Indie Bundle 21 yet, be sure to use my affiliate link!…

⇲ Humble Indie Bundle 21 Celebrates 10 Years of Awesome Games

⇲ The Humble Indie Bundle 21 launches to mark the tenth anniversary… #gamebundle #linux

⇲ Humble Indie Bundle 21… For $1.00 / 1.00€: - Beat Cop - Dustforce DX - Hotline Miami Beat the average price: - Gato Roboto - Moonlighter Pay $15.00 / 14.00€ for... See the full list of games on 🙂

⇲ We're celebrating 10 years of the Humble Indie Bundle for today's stream! But we need YOUR help picking the game. Vote now and join us live at 10 a.m. Pacific time on!

⇲ We're live celebrating 10 years of the Humble Indie Bundle over at! Join us as we discuss the history of Humble, talk about @PlayHumbleGames, and play Hypnospace Outlaw! (It's gonna get weird...)

⇲ Being the fan of #indiegames that I am, it'd be remiss of me to ignore this current @humble bundle. Even some of the £1 items on there are incredible! Would definitely recommend - obtaining awesome games whilst supporting charity? Sign me up.…

⇲ Celebrate 10 years of the Humble Indie Bundle

⇲ Happy Birthday @Humble Bundle! 10 Years of a revolution in the way we buy games, resulting in lots of money raised for charity that may not have done so if it hadn't existed. #HumbleBundle #HumbleIndieBundle

⇲ Pay what you want for the Humble Indie Bundle 21 -




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