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Hurricane Bawbag

Cyclone Friedhelm, also referred to unofficially as Hurricane Bawbag, was an intense extratropical cyclone which brought hurricane-force winds to Scotland at the beginning of December 2011. The storm also brought prolonged gales and rough seas to the rest of the British Isles, as well as parts of Scandinavia. On 8 December, winds reached up to 165 mph at elevated areas, with sustained wind speeds of up to 80 mph reported across populous areas. The winds uprooted trees and resulted in the closure of many roads, bridges, schools and businesses. Overall, the storm was the worst to affect Scotland in 10 years, though a stronger storm occurred less than a month afterwards, on 3 January 2012. Although the follow-up storm was more intense, the winter of 2011/12 is usually remembered for Bawbag among Scots.


Lewis Capaldi stained glass window in Twitter display

A stained glass window featuring the face of Lewis Capaldi is drawing visitors to a Scottish Twitter...

discovered 6 months ago on PA Media: UK News via Yahoo News UK




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