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The rain has helped my garden grow, but the weeds are taking unfair advantage!


Plagued with weeds

The rain has helped my garden grow, but the weeds are taking unfair advantage!

discovered 19 hours ago on Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Linda Penkalski, Lamoine: A mom’s real legacy is the person you become

On April 17, my mom, Rhoda Schneider, 97 years old, passed away due to COVID-19. It has been very...

discovered 19 hours ago on Portland Press Herald

Hazel Daniels, Charlie Daniels’ Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Hazel Daniels is the wife of Country Music Hall of Fame member Charlie Daniels. The “Devil Went Down...

discovered 19 hours ago on

Gardening Q&A: The look of incomplete flowering on hydrangea may be due to plant’s type

Hydrangeas can produce different types of flowers. Depending on the variety, the inflorescence may...

discovered 19 hours ago on The Virginian-Pilot

Lynchburg couple built home based on circa 1750s historic house

It’s the smoky purple and white flowers of the Lenten rose that add color to the gardens first. For...

discovered 19 hours ago on, Eden and Reidssville

Gardening and Landscaping that lends itself to social distancing

Working in the yard and garden definitely promote social distancing at my homestead. Who really...

discovered 19 hours ago on Northwest GA News

Good to Grow: How to go picture-perfect hydrangeas

This week as I pondered ideas to write about, three friends on three separate occasions sent me pictures of hydrangeas from their gardens and gardens...

discovered 19 hours ago on The Charleston Gazette

Pruning: 3 good reasons to get out your secateurs

Seasonal tasks, planting ideas, shopping and expert advice to make your garden grow. Making cutbacks The very idea of pruning the plant you've spent all...

discovered 19 hours ago on House Beautiful




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