Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Volcanic Eruptions

Some of the most destructive—and essential—forces on Earth.

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A Brand New Island in the Pacific has Survived 5 Years - Universe Today

A surtseyan eruption is a volcanic eruption in shallow water. In 2015, a surtseyan eruption in the...

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The Day Clocks Changed Across America: What Happened When the U.S. Adopted Standardized Time

Nov. 18, 1883 was a chilly Sunday in New York City. As the sun reached its high point over Lower Manhattan, New Yorkers heard the bells at St. Paul’s Chapel near Wall Street ring 12 times. Then ...

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Iceland on alert over likely volcano eruption - Business Insurance

Volcano monitoring site VolcanoDiscovery said that Askja volcano in Iceland could erupt as there have been more than 500 mild earthquakes ...

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This Volcano Destroyed an Island, Then Created a New One

Lateiki was a tiny island in the archipelagic Kingdom of Tonga, formed in 1995 by an ebullient...

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Earthquake swarm raises concerns for big eruption in Iceland

Sitting atop the spreading Mid-Atlantic Ridge and one of the planet's hotspots, Iceland is famous...

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