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Southern Charm 's Landon Clements Says '1 Bad Apple Can Ruin the Whole Bunch' After 3 Stars Exit

"This photo was the first time [Cameran Eubanks] and I filmed together just the two of us...we went...

discovered 1 week ago on People

Lockdown made me realise I wasn’t dealing with my body dysmorphia well – so I made a change that...

Alongside my new secret obsession with what I was eating, I started to hoard images of girls that...

discovered 1 week ago on The Independent via Yahoo News UK

The Shocking True Story Behind Kristen Stewart's Seberg Is Stranger Than Fiction

Jean Seberg spent the 1960s as an internationally recognized actress, an icon of French cinema's New...

discovered 1 week ago on E! via Yahoo News

'Zapper’ Invention Lets Hospital Decontaminate Many Masks

With its glowing blue lights in a metal cage, the “bug zapper” evokes summer nights swatting at mosquitoes in the backyard, but it’s meant to zap a much more insidious bug ...

discovered 1 week ago on US News & World Report

African countries need to challenge the idea of a homogenous approach to Covid-19

When the coronavirus first began galloping around the world, many thought the virus would be a great...

discovered 1 week ago on Quartz

Government Feuds With Twitter Over Claims China is Exploiting Coronavirus

It was from Twitter. Almost immediately after Lea Gabrielle, the coordinator for the State...

discovered 1 week ago on US News & World Report

Jerry Stiller’s 8 Best Frank Costanza Moments on Seinfeld

As the cantankerous patriarch to Jason Alexander’s tortured and insidious George, Stiller’s Frank...

discovered 1 week ago on Vulture

Jimmy Kimmel apologizes for misleading video that mocked Mike Pence, but adds a new joke

Jimmy Kimmel is apologizing for a deceptively edited segment that mocked Vice President Mike Pence...

discovered 1 week ago on USA TODAY Entertainment via Yahoo News




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