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Instacart Strike


Does Fedex & Amazon Delivery Run on Memorial Day 2020?

In observance of the holiday, many businesses and federal institutions are closed. If you’re...

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Grocery workers may be called "heroes," but their "hero pay" is disappearing

For indispensable reporting on the coronavirus crisis and more, subscribe to Mother Jones'...

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Fact check: Kroger did ask employees to return overpayment of wages, then backed off

Kroger employees allege the company overpaid $461.60 to some associates, then requested that workers...

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Billionaires' Net Worth Rises During Pandemic As Millions Go Unemployed: Report

U.S. billionaires’ wealth grew substantially over the last two months even as tens of millions of...

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How much do Instacart shoppers make?

Sarah Hlad has been an Instacart shopper since early April, and already she’s earned almost $3,000. “The first week I did it, I paid off my whole credit...

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Workers are afraid of returning to work amid pandemic. Is a general strike finally on the horizon?

Calls for a general strike are growing as millions of people consider going back to work after...

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Desperate workers rush to delivery app jobs to find low pay and punishing rules

“There’s really no other place to work unless it’s working at a grocery store, doing delivery...

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Money outweighs coronavirus risk for Instacart shopper

Instacart was popular before the coronavirus hit, but stay-at-home orders have supercharged demand...

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