Stephen A. Smith, Eric Reid feud on Twitter over Colin Kaepernick workout

ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith and Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid got into a lengthy Twitter...

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Kaepernick's NFL workout debacle shows teams never really cared about hiring him

Colin Kaepernick wants a job. Colin Kaepernick deserves a job. The latest volleys started after...

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Jay-Z says Colin Kaepernick turned his 'legitimate workout' into publicity stunt: report

Jay-Z seemed to take issue with the way Colin Kaepernick's workout for the NFL unfolded Saturday. The rapper and mogul believed Kaepernick turned his "legitimate ...

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17 things to do in the D.C. area this week

For anyone who wasn’t one of the Kickstarter donors who pledged a total of $50,121 in 2014 to see the completion of this love letter to the city’s punk...

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Opinion | A Stripper’s Favorite Client

It wasn’t love. But it wasn’t just business either.

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