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Jeff Goldblum


Show a loved one you’re thinking of them with a Disney+ Subscription Card

It means they know you’re thinking about them while stuck at home and it gives them fantastic...

discovered 1 month ago on Digital Trends via Yahoo Finance

UA Professor: Perfect forecast not possible, but models, experts find a way

As of this writing, in less than four months, COVID-19 has claimed nearly 90,000 American lives....

discovered 1 month ago on Arizona Daily Star

Bill Pullman Responds to Donald Trump's Altered 'Independence Day' Clip (Exclusive)

The president's random post had been retweeted 50,000 times and had more than 153,000 "likes."

discovered 1 month ago on The Hollywood Reporter

Mary-Kate Olsen's divorce request denied and more stories from this week

Claire that she thinks Shia LaBeouf is the “greatest actor of my generation.” After a Twitter user...

discovered 1 month ago on Yahoo Entertainment

Give Netflix a break with a free (one-week) Disney+ subscription

It’s exclusive to Disney+ and is a great Star Wars spin-off that features the adorable Baby Yoda, as...

discovered 1 month ago on Digital Trends via Yahoo Finance

WATCH: Jeff Goldblum Lookalike’s Street Fight Goes Viral | 99.9 KGOR

Someone who looks alot like actor Jeff Goldblum got in a street fight in a video that’s gone viral.

discovered 1 month ago on iHeartRadio

Jeff Goldblum-lookalike bests topless brawler with vicious spin-kick

This is the shocking moment two men involved in a street brawl in an unidentified American city....

discovered 1 month ago on Daily Mail

'RS Interview: Special Edition' With Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum is an early riser. “I’m making some strides in this period,” he tells entertainment editor David Fear, from his home in Los Angeles. “I’ve...

discovered 1 month ago on Rolling Stone


⇲ *Sees Jeff Goldblum trending* *Immediately fears the worst* *Realizes it’s because his doppelgänger kicked the crap out of someone*

⇲ Watching Jeff Goldblum’s look alike line up a round house kick to this guys kidney

⇲ Not gonna lie I underestimated Jeff Goldblum until the spinning heel kick.…

⇲ Richmond Police say this viral video of a Jeff Goldblum lookalike landing a spinning back kick against a neighbor is legit. Neither man was arrested because they did not want to press charges…

⇲ Jeff Goldblum when he finds out why he is trending and then his publicist asks if he wants to correct people

⇲ Jeff Goldblum would not approve. #StayHome

⇲ This. Is. BANANAS!! 🤣🤣🤣 Too bad it's not ACTUALLY Jeff Goldblum. That would be even greater. (For the record, OP confirmed shirtless dude both started it AND deserved the ass-whooping for yelling rapey shit at women on the street)…

⇲ I saw Jeff Goldblum is trending but it's just because some lookalike random person did a spinny kick to a shirtless guy on the streets. Don't worry guys, Jeff and the 2 bums are fine. 🐰

⇲ Reasons to watch Earth Girls Are Easy: •Jeff Goldblum is hot •Geena Davis is hot

⇲ The Jeff Goldblum looking dude looks like a villain in a straight to DVD Steven Segal movie…

⇲ Independence Day 2020. Jeff Goldblum’s character is played by Jared Kushner. When the aliens arrive, Kushner assembles an army of venture capitalists who offer the aliens bitcoin and discount memberships to The League. They pivot to cocaine. Mankind is exterminated.

⇲ I have been waiting for the perfect Jeff Goldblum moment and it has arrived

⇲ Jeff Goldblum out here giving hands to shirtless mfs 😤

⇲ Perfect #Hercules cast; Hercules - Alex Pettyfer Megara - Liz Gillies Zeus - Jeff Bridges Hera - Rene Russo Hades - Sam Rockwell/Jeff Goldblum Pain & Panic - Steve Carrell & Rainn Wilson Phil - Danny DeVito The Muses - all labelled Don’t fight me on this #Herculesliveaction

⇲ For those wondering Jeff Goldblum was utilizing Taekwondo the kick is known as the Dollyo Chagi.

⇲ Jeff Goldblum does not fuck around.…

⇲ The Jeff Goldblum reveal from “Earth Girls are Easy” is the single sexiest moment in cinema and the truest expression of the female gaze. Look at it:

⇲ 1999 iMac ad with Jeff Goldblum:

⇲ Yooooo. Im dying. "Jeff Goldblum" vs Shirtless Guy. Once they threw em up, I knew shirtless guy was in trouble. But, but, the LAST kick!!! 😖😖😖😂😂😂…




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