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Jeff Hanneman

Following the conclusion of “Angel of Death,” the last song of the final show, Slayer spent 10 more...


See Slayer Perform ‘Angel of Death’ at Final Show of Farewell Tour

Following the conclusion of “Angel of Death,” the last song of the final show, Slayer spent 10 more...

discovered 6 months ago on Rolling Stone via Yahoo News

Dave Lombardo: Jeff Hanneman would have fought to keep Slayer going

Former Exodus member Gary Holt, who was initially hired to fill in for Hanneman for the band’s live...

discovered 6 months ago on Consequence of Sound via Yahoo News

WIAA state football: Instant replay plays big role in Edgar's Division 7 championship loss

MADISON — It didn’t even take half of the first of four WIAA state football championship games...

discovered 7 months ago on Wausau Daily Herald

Thrash Titans Slayer Play Last Bay Area Show On Farewell Tour

One of the biggest metal tours of the year returns to the Bay Area when thrash-metal icons Slayer...

discovered 7 months ago on CBS San Francisco

Slayer Plot Retirement With Final Tour

The group will embark on a final tour this summer with support from numerous peers and bands they inspired, including Lamb of God, Anthrax, Behemoth and...

discovered 7 months ago on Rolling Stone via Yahoo News

The 10 Most SLAAAAAYER Moments on the Internet

On Monday, legendary metal band Slayer announced its head-banging and moshpit-orchestrating days are numbered.

discovered 7 months ago on Inverse via Yahoo News

Apocalypse Now: Behind the Scenes of Slayer’s Explosive Final Tour

Slayer is not the kind of band to go gently into that good night. So when Slayer rolled in to...

discovered 7 months ago on GQ via Yahoo News

Slayer Announce ‘Final World Tour’

Slayer, one of the most popular and influential hard-rock bands of the past four decades, announced its “final world tour” via a 30-second video Monday...

discovered 7 months ago on Variety via Yahoo News


⇲ Jeff Hanneman would be proud of these solos... #Warlust "Unearthing Shattered Philosophies" via #DyingVictimsProductions by @julia_k89 #WeAreBlessedAltarZine #TheZineSupportingTheUnderground…

⇲ Kerry King Painting by Scott Wallace ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Kerry Ray King is an American musician, best known as a guitarist for the American thrash metal band Slayer. He co-founded the band with Jeff Hanneman in 1981 and has been a member ever since.

⇲ Jeff Hanneman on guitar

⇲ Jeff Hanneman says hi...

⇲ Since you lack any concept of context, how do you feel about Jeff Hanneman wearing nazi shit? I see you’re a fan.

⇲ On this day in 1991,I saw the #ClashOfTheTitans Tour featuring @Megadeth @Slayer @Anthrax and @AliceInChains at the Starplex in @fairpark. RIP Jeff Hanneman RIP Layne Staley RIP Mike Starr RIP Nick Menza 🤘

⇲ Fixed my Jeff Hanneman guitar! "Hell Awaits"- Slayer

⇲ I feel blessed knowing I've seen Slayer with their OG lineup, RIP Jeff Hanneman

⇲ 【アメリカ雑貨】本店 入荷情報(^^) SLAYER ジェフ・ハンネマン(Jeff Hanneman) スレイヤー ファンコ POP!シリーズ フィギュア アメリカ雑貨 アメリカン雑貨… #SLAYER #スレイヤー

⇲ “Y’all ain’t ever gonna believe this” -River missing her 4th consecutive exit

⇲ My band: Column 1: Bassist/Drummer - Lemmy and Mikkey Dee Column 2: Singer - Ronnie James Column 3: Guitar - Jeff Hanneman

⇲ I dont have a way of getting a tattoo of Dimebag Darrell and Jeff Hanneman when i'm old enough

⇲ There’s no way he didn’t know it was who it was

⇲ Jeffry John "Jeff" Hannemanは22歳の時にAngel Of Deathの作詞作曲をしたというのにお前らときたら…

⇲ Dave Lombardo, Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield & Jeff Hanneman

⇲ #fuckzuckerburg On fascist book it's against community standards to mention an Adolf Hitler quote with a picture of him. 30 day ban for that after 7 day for Jeff Hanneman picture with a nazi flag in background

⇲ This makes two things Atom did okay. Though the other was point out swastikas on Kerry King’s guitar and post a pic of Jeff Hanneman. Basically he could’ve just done a zine instead.

⇲ Yeah idk about all that, but I’d rather someone acknowledge dirk at all bc mfs really forget about him somehow

⇲ Love to see it




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