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Kaepernick Tattoos


Two murder suspects who escaped from California jail caught at U.S.-Mexico border

Authorities are trying to determine if anyone helped two inmates who escaped from a California jail,...

discovered 6 months ago on CBS News


⇲ This piece reads a lot like David Whitley on Kaepernick's tattoos. Rap! Vulgar language! He was a handful as a kid!…

⇲ 49ers fan gets Colin Kaepernick to sign her arm, then immediately turns it into a tattoo

⇲ Just how much of a prick am I! I'm enjoying Kaepernick's career crash and burn WAY too much. Go open a tattoo parlor you asshole.

⇲ KAP!! 😊😳 #colinkaepernick #kaepernick7 #ck7 #kap #kaepernick #tattoos #bodytattoos 📷unknown

⇲ Kaepernick can keep focusing on tattoos and his abs. He's torching his football career.

⇲ This @49ers fan @M_Jensen_749 got a pretty awesome tattoo of Colin Kaepernick on his back.

⇲ You won't believe how long Colin Kaepernick's new tattoo took to complete

⇲ Heroic Marine and Fox News Commentator Johnny Joey Jones Gets Betsy Ross Flag Tattoo After Nike Caves to Kaepernick… via @gatewaypundit

⇲ Yahoo! Sports >> Colin Kaepernick tattoos Twitter heckler for only having eight followers

⇲ Kaepernick is someone who is only concerned with his tattoos, his sneakers and celebrity friends.… @YahooSports

⇲ *Colin Kaepernick wears pig socks and a Castro shirt* YOU COMMIE SCUM BASTARD COP HATER *Justin Rohrwasser has a tattoo of a group on the SPLC watch list* HES A KID HE CAN CHANGE HE SAID IT WAS A MISTAKE HE HAD BLACK TEAMMATES HE GAVE AN ANSWER

⇲ @Adam_Klug Colin Kaepernick. Tattoos, piercings, boats.

⇲ Colin Kaepernick's tattoos are dope af

⇲ After all the progress Colin Kaepernick made, Aaron Hernandez just set athlete tattoos back several years.

⇲ next year he's gonna come back looking like Colin Kaepernick. Tattoos and all.

⇲ Was hoping Kaepernick would break out his alternate tattoos. #MNF

⇲ Especially after drafting a kicker with a white nationalist tattoo, Kaepernick would be a nice off-setting move.

⇲ The New England Patriots drafted Justin Rohrwasser who happens to have a 3 Percenters symbol tattoo They are a far-right militia movement and paramilitary group He's been treated with "kid gloves" he says that he will remove the tattoo Colin Kaepernick probably wonders why

⇲ I dunno maybe if Colin Kaepernick tattoos a swastika on his forehead the league will let him play again.




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