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Kat Von D

Katherine Von Drachenberg, known as Kat Von D, is a Mexican tattoo artist, model, musician, author, entrepreneur, and television personality. She is best known for her work as a tattoo artist on the TLC reality television show LA Ink, which premiered in the United States on August 7, 2007, and ran for four seasons. She is also known for being the former head of Kat Von D Beauty.


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⇲ there are so many better brands than sporty & rich like ffs you girls went ape shit when kat von d was an antivaxxer but you close your ears when emily oberg says it in a podcast bc she fits your skinny scandinavian aesthetic. get a grip.

⇲ you’ve “turned into a drama channel” but in the same breath they ask you to address things like this. I think what people want to know is (same as what happened with Kat von D) if you will be still “supporting” (as in: buying and reviewing his makeup) him in the furure

⇲ It's a shade name for an eyeshadow. Kat Von D and any other goth retailer sells products with similar, sometimes more "offensive" names. It's just eyeshadow and no one is forcing you to like it, but at least understand that it's not as deep as you're making it out to be.

⇲ Believe me, would if I could! I was so on board with Kat Von D's before she went...well off the deep end with things we shan't talk about but this whole launch is just..uncomfortable. The "idea" behind it, the names, the theme of it at this time in the world as well

⇲ Well there’s still some people like Jeffree shane Kat von d jaclyn hill Laura lee Tati etc. but I guess he did bring some together I wish that soon all the gurus drama can be behind them and they chould all hang out as this big squad but it’s there choice of course....

⇲ a lot of the people who cancelled Kat Von D are the same people still supporting Jef*ree St@r & Sh@ne D@wson & thats the real tea

⇲ I feel like the foundation that Dr. Phil wears on screen has to be Kat Von D full coverage or like a Sherwin Williams interior wall primer. I just don’t feel like I’ve ever seen a pore on the man’s face 💁🏼‍♀️

⇲ So because it says cremated it’s a problem? Kat Von D & everyone else can have coffin shaped shit & it’s not a problem? Lmfao ya’ll try way too hard to reach over stupid shit 😭…

⇲ Same for kat von d being anti Semitic and an anti vaxxer... she’s married to a man with a swastika tattoo on his neck that’s all I need to know about her

⇲ Can you imagine if he named a shade “Kat” because his friendship with Kat Von D is dead to him omg 💀…

⇲ His daughter slept with one of his friends when she was FOURTEEN and he told her she betrayed him and never spoke to her again.

⇲ noooo whenever someone mentions jeffree star i always think of that picture of him, nikki and kat von d like pls stop it hurts me in so many ways

⇲ I know latinidad is malleable just a construct or whatever but something about people like Kat Von D claiming to be Latinx for social cachet when their families of Central/Eastern/Northern European descent just used Latin America as a springboard to America is weird to me!

⇲ face / youtube search 😌 jeffree star was for the purpose of showing andrew him slabbering abt kat von d btw…

⇲ Kat Von D and grimes babies are gunna be the hero V villain showdown we deserve

⇲ the kat von d eyeliner is the only one i could use but i hate her so now i do my wings w eyeshadow.

⇲ jefree star: were bringing a GOTHIC NEUTRALS pallette its NEVER been DONE before MY MIND kat von d shade and light palette:

⇲ I stalk Kat Von D online. So there! Deal with it 😆

⇲ Since you're oblivious like many J* stans, people dying from the coronavirus are being cremated because we can't have funerals for all the sheer number of people dying. So to name a makeup palette this and then release it now. He's just as dense as Kat Von D. Ugh!




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