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Kelly Macdonald

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TUESDAY PRIME TIME 12/10 6 pm 6:30 7 pm 7:30 8 pm 8:30 9 pm 9:30 10 pm 10:30 11 pm 11:30 Sports < Movies ...

discovered 5 months ago on Omaha World-Herald

Untimely death under investigation at hilltop Pelham home

Pelham police and fire personnel responded to 9 Collins Way about 1:30 a.m., according to neighbor...

discovered 5 months ago on New Hampshire Union Leader

The Best Teen Movies of the 2010s on Netflix

To mark the 21st Century making it through its teen years, the #20teens is a series from Teen Vogue celebrating the best in culture, politics, and style...

discovered 5 months ago on Teen Vogue via Yahoo News

Why Giri/Haji is the most underrated television drama of 2019

It’s Cain and Abel meets a sort of reverse Lost in Translation, with fish-out-water Kenzo finding...

discovered 5 months ago on The Independent via Yahoo News UK

Will there be a second series of Giri/Haji?

Giri/Haji has been one of the most exciting new BBC dramas of 2019, captivating audiences with its exceptional storytelling and breathtaking style, and...

discovered 5 months ago on RadioTimes

Giri/Haji, episode 8 review: only this bewitching thriller would mix a bloody climax with a balletic...

As Taki’s detective father Kenzo (Takehiro Hira) raced to save her, he was accompanied by vengeful...

discovered 5 months ago on The Telegraph via Yahoo News

BAZ BAMIGBOYE: These two Mr Darcys are in a new WW2 movie

The cast also includes Kelly Macdonald as Jean Leslie; Penelope Wilton as Hester Leggatt (Miss...

discovered 5 months ago on Daily Mail

I Called Out Harvey Weinstein and the Internet Went Wild. Now What?

A couple of months ago, Harvey Weinstein showed up to watch me perform on the Lower East Side in New...

discovered 5 months ago on Glamour via Yahoo News


⇲ ".. at the very end everything makes one perfect picture." Puzzle (2018) 🎥 Director: Marc Turtletaub 🎬 Actors: Irrfan Khan &amp; Kelly Macdonald 🎭 #IrrfanKhan #Puzzle

⇲ Kelly MacDonald used the toilet in my work and came to the front desk to tell us they were quite dirty.…

⇲ I have been reading all day about the Outer Hebrides but I can only read the word "Hebrides" in my head as Kelly MacDonald in The Decoy Bride.

⇲ Kelly Macdonald appreciation post ❤️

⇲ When I grow up I want to be Kelly Macdonald’s eyebrows. Both of them.

⇲ Kelly Macdonald in Gosford Park. Now I'm a servant to Maggie Smith, nooooooo!!!!!!!

⇲ I’m not really feeling GIRI/HAJI but I will admit that Kelly MacDonald is making me dream of a PRIME SUSPECT reboot

⇲ This arrived in the mail with no message, no clue of any kind as to who may have sent it. Don’t want to end up like Kelly MacDonald in Elizabeth, so I’m not wearing it until I find out.

⇲ Top 5 Broadwalk Empire 4# Margaret Thompson played by Kelly Macdonald #wearethewing

⇲ At first sight she really looks like Kelly MacDonald !!

⇲ Puzzle: An Irrfan film that somehow seems to have flown under the radar. Quite delightful. Kelly MacDonald as a bored housewife who suddenly discovers her mojo through the unlikely instrument of a jigsaw puzzle, is wonderful. And Irrfan as an eccentric puzzler is effortless. +

⇲ It’s nice to know, that in the movies, at least, the sweet simple cute girl can get the guy. #thedecoybride #davidtennant #kellymacdonald #sometimesthecutegirlswins #artdoesnotimmitatelife #greatmovie @ Carroll, Ohio…

⇲ Kelly Macdonald really hit Dolly out of the park. Like, Damn, she didn’t need to be that good but she absolutely was. In a movie where the supporting cast is essentially caricatures, she made Dolly so nuanced in what was like, 15-20 minutes of screen time

⇲ IMDb Rating: 6.7/10 Genre: Drama  Director: Marc Turtletaub Release Date: 7 September 2018 Star Cast: Kelly Macdonald, Irrfan Khan, David Denman Movie Story: Agnes, taken for granted as a suburban mother, discovers a passion for solving jigsaw puzzles w……

⇲ I began watching this on a whim, and found myself hooked. Takehiro Hira and Kelly MacDonald are amazing, and Will Sharpe steals every scene he's in. But the character I grew to love was @justinlong as Vickers, a man so far out of his depth he has virtually given up. #DutyShame

⇲ kelly macdonald has such a lovely voice and accent

⇲ When I worked in HMV in Glasgow I sold Kelly MacDonald a video. I didn't recognise her. It was the year Trainspotting came out. The shop was covered in that poster. My work colleagues thought I was being cool. I wasn't.…

⇲ I passed one Bond villain on the way to the corner shop and another on the way back. Robbie Coltrane and Robert Carlisle, and I regularly bumped into Kelly MacDonald at the swing park. Joan Collins visited her mother-in-law often around the corner. Glasgow is celeb central.

⇲ going 🛫 crying




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