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Kevin Hart

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart announced on Instagram Sunday that his pregnant wife Eniko is expecting a girl.


Kevin Hart says expected baby is a girl

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart announced on Instagram Sunday that his pregnant wife Eniko is expecting a girl.

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Obama Strikes Uplifting Tone in Speech to High School Grads

Following performances from Dua Lipa, H.E.R., Kevin Hart and others, former president Barack Obama...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Rolling Stone

Kevin Hart Reveals the Sex of His Baby on the Way with Pregnant Wife Eniko on Mother's Day

"This pregnancy felt the exact same I could’ve sworn we were having another boy," Eniko Hart shared

discovered 2 weeks ago on People Magazine

Look: Kevin Hart + Wife Eniko Announce They're Having A Baby Girl

Hollywood superstar Kevin Hart and Eniko are gearing up for big parenting goals together. The...

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Film News Roundup: Kevin Hart, Tim Story Reunite on Superhero Comedy ‘Night Wolf’

In today’s film news roundup, Tim Story is in talks to direct Kevin Hart in “Night Wolf,” Michael...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Variety

Comedian Kevin Hart surprises New Jersey doctor with bit part

Kevin Hart found an upside to putting his name to a charitable cause during the coronavirus...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Portland Press Herald

Kevin Hart and Nick Jonas to help out show 'Regular Heroes'

This combination photo shows Nick Jonas at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, Calif. on...

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Kevin Hart and Wife Eniko Reveal Their Second Baby's Gender in Mother's Day Post

In a loving Mother's Day Instagram post, hubby Kevin Hart shared the gender of their second baby,...

discovered 2 weeks ago on E! Online


⇲ Kevin Hart and Shaq on Instagram live is the greatest thing to happen😂😂

⇲ Kevin Hart gave us “the way my bank account is setup” “you gon’ learn today” “alright alright alright” in 1 stand up.. man did his part for the culture

⇲ karen gillan holding dwayne johnson holding kevin hart

⇲ If #BlackAF was about Kevin Hart and his family THEN it wouldve been better received. Kevin as the main father would've been able to land the jokes. His family being black af in a rich white society would've been more relatable than Kenya's mixed family pretending to be BlackAF.

⇲ Scoop: Andreessen Horowitz has won the Clubhouse sweepstakes, leading a Series A of at least $12M in the voice-based app still in beta. The firm outbid rival Benchmark, sources tell @Forbes -- and Marc Andreessen got Kevin Hart onto the buzzy social app.…

⇲ Actor and comedian Kevin Hart offers a walk-on role in a future film to a health-care worker in the COVID-19 fight.

⇲ Russ and Kevin Hart training together 😤

⇲ “Stay motivated & stay focused” 🙌💯 @kevinhart4real

⇲ I don't know who needs to hear this but If it happen that you meet me in future don't expect James Bond, Sylvester Stallone , Arnold Schwarzenegger n Steven Seagal, I didn't grew up in Parliament please 🖐️✋but expect Mr bean, Kevin Hart, Jackie Chan etc... 😂 😂 😂

⇲ Everyday is not going to be a great day....when you understand that your able to take the good with the bad. All storms eventually pass and when they do the sun shines bright as hell....Stay motivated & Stay focused....We are all great damn it!!!

⇲ Hopping on in 5 min

⇲ No one gonna talk about the good boi 🐕 readjusting Kevin Hart’s cone mid workout 😂?

⇲ Going live today....I haven’t talked shit on live for a minute. In the mood to make some people laugh on this beautiful Sunday!!!!! Stay tuned

⇲ Dear @KevinHart4real, In 2 days I will graduate college and become Miss Green. I promise to give my kids a better experience than you had with your “Miss Green”.

⇲ The Rock messin’ around with Kevin Hart on a camel 😭😂

⇲ Lil Wayne says Kevin Hart tried to be in his section in the strip club one time 😂

⇲ “I was never afraid to be the dumbest in the room” - Kevin Hart, just now damn, this app is a trip. halfway through making a deck I peep into clubhouse for a quick break and end up hearing an impromptu q&a on emotional resilience from Kevin + the brilliant minds in the room. 🤯

⇲ Katt Williams >>> Kevin Hart

⇲ Justin just joined Kevin Hart’s instagram live today. (May 10)




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