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Kevin Youkilis

Kevin Edmund Youkilis, also known as "Youk", is an American former professional baseball first baseman and third baseman, who primarily played for the Boston Red Sox. A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, he was drafted by the Red Sox in 2001, after playing college baseball at the University of Cincinnati. He played in Major League Baseball for the Red Sox, the Chicago White Sox, and the New York Yankees. He is currently a special assistant to the Chicago Cubs and former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein. Known for his ability to get on base, while he was still a minor leaguer, Youkilis was nicknamed Euclis: The Greek God of Walks in the best-selling book, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game. A Gold Glove Award-winning first baseman, he once held baseball's record for most consecutive errorless games at first base. He is also a three-time MLB All-Star, two-time World Series Champion, and winner of the 2008 Hank Aaron Award.


University of Cincinnati alum and World Series champ Kevin Youkilis to lead homecoming parade

UC alum and World Series champion Kevin Youkilis will lead homecoming parade.

discovered 6 months ago on The Cincinnati Enquirer


⇲ 13.Jackie Jensen170 14.Tony Conigliaro 162 T. Carlton Fisk 162 16.George Scott154 17.Reggie Smith149 18.Dustin Pedroia140 19.Mookie Betts 139 20.Trot Nixon133 T. Kevin Youkilis 133 22.Frank Malzone131 23.Mike Greenwell 130 24.Fred Lynn124 25.Vern Stephens 122

⇲ Ya boy responded cowardly to a legal take out attempt. Check Rick Porcello humiliate Kevin Youkilis in Detroit to see a real bad ass on the diamond.…

⇲ Put some respect on the goat Kevin Youkilis

⇲ I saw Kevin Youkilis at Bruegger's Bagels in the Auburndale Plaza on Comm Ave in Newton in 2009.…

⇲ It was disturbing in my research to find how many top K first names are Cubs. But I’ll go Ken Griffey Jr., Kevin Youkilis, Kerry Wood, Kenley Janson.…

⇲ Randomly stumbled on Milk Money while flipping channels, which led me to a Wikipedia discovery that before becoming the Greek God of Walks, Kevin Youkilis dabbled in uncredited acting roles as "kid"

⇲ i miss Fenway and Kevin Youkilis

⇲ Yankees Legend Kevin Youkilis…

⇲ Red Sox Hall Of Famer Kevin Youkilis Joins Tom Caron On 'At Home With TC'

⇲ Where did you have Chris Carter for 1B and Jayson Niz/Kevin Youkilis for 3B? Also Chris Stewart was a pretty good catcher because of his framing but I understand him as the choice cuz he was the worst starter in a long time and our catching has been really good.

⇲ Course there's Nick Van Exel, Oscar Robinson, Kevin Youkilis, Travis Kelce, Greg Cook one of the best quarterback the world never got to know,and Kenyon Martin both without injury would have been Simply Amazing

⇲ An all-time lineup of Red Sox draft picks from the sixth round and later: David Eckstein SS Wade Boggs 3B Anthony Rizzo 1B Cecil Cooper DH Kevin Youkilis LF Brady Anderson CF Josh Reddick RF Ernie Whitt C Freddy Sanchez 2B…

⇲ Kevin youkilis bubba Crosby and co

⇲ That’s just the A list. Also saw Kevin Youkilis (MLB) and Julie Brady (Tom’s sister) in Whole Foods Los Gatos, Trent Dilfer walking downtown Los Gatos, Jared Harris (Mad Men) at NY Bowery hotel lounge, and Gary Taubes (author) at JFK baggage claim. Somehow I remember all these.

⇲ Broadcast chat: "You know Kevin Youkilis never swung on a 3-0 count his whole career" "That doesn't surprise me he's the greek god of walks" "You know he's a brewer now?" "I'd like to try that." "His IPA is called the God of Hops"

⇲ Kevin Youkilis has an opinion.

⇲ Former MLB player, Kevin Youkilis said, "With the help of @SpotOn, we were able to swiftly transition our restaurant to an entirely off-premise dining model with integrated online ordering." #restaurants #contactlessdelivery #restaurantbusiness #brewery

⇲ But it has gotten this guy and many other people. Like professional baseball player Kevin Youkilis. He credits his career to fat shaming.

⇲ Kevin Youkilis a goodie




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