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Kim Jong Il Died


South Korea hints at possibility of Inter-Korean summit despite coronavirus fears

A summit between North and South Korea this year is still possible despite the ongoing coronavirus...

discovered 1 week ago on The Washington Times

North Korea believed to have replaced military intelligence chief: report

North Korea is believed to have replaced its military intelligence chief in December, according to...

discovered 1 week ago on New York Daily News

What South Korea's Nightclub Outbreak Can Teach Other Countries as They Reopen

Officials began relaxing some social distancing restrictions in early May as new case numbers...

discovered 1 week ago on Time Magazine

Reporting on North Korea, after all these years, is still pure guesswork

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has dodged a bullet, meaning the onslaught of speculation about...

discovered 1 week ago on World Tribune

Kim Jong-un was 'hauled from school after spies exposed his love of BDSM porn'

Kim Jong-un was reportedly hauled from his expensive private school after spies exposed his love of...

discovered 1 week ago on Daily Mirror

Kim Jong Un replaced top spy chief and head of his personal bodyguard

North Korea has replaced the head of its spy agency and the man in charge of providing security for ...

discovered 1 week ago on Daily Mail

North Korea removes massive portraits of Kim Jong Un’s father, grandfather

Sung square was razed as part of the process, recent satellite imagery and photos show, NK News...

discovered 1 week ago on New York Post

Doctor: I deliver health care in North Korea. Sanctions make the humanitarian crisis worse.

As one of the few American physicians who has worked to deliver humanitarian aid and improve health...

discovered 6 months ago on Reno Gazette-Journal


⇲ ...He probably wants to avoid the thing that happened when Kim Jong Il, his father, died in 2011. Kim Jong Un was unknown and, to avoid a coup, he purged a lot of old members of his party and replaced a lot of high ranking generals...

⇲ I think the airplane was after he died (Kim Jong Il is Kim Jong Un's, the current rule, father). I used Il as a joke. But maybe, with a time machine.

⇲ Before Michael Jackson died ↓ 'said he saw some photos of Kim Jong Il on the Internet and said he might be a fan of own, saying that his outfit is similar to his own. Gordom Chopra said he was very disappointed at the news of Jackson's sudden death.'

⇲ @DearLeaderKJI hi is this Kim Jong il? Hi I'm Samuel Register. From 33242 Sunset Beach Lane #T Warrenton Oregon USA 97146. Do you believe in Jesus name? That he died for you on that cross was ressurected? Live for him. Pray to the Holy Spirit Daily for guidance. I'm praying for u

⇲ Kim ascended as supreme leader in 2011 after his father, Kim Jong Il, reportedly died from a heart attack at the age of 70.… via @nypost

⇲ There are reports that North Koreas Kim Jong Il died. Waiting for 9.30pm to roll around so I guess it's worth going to work on it

⇲ Ver este vídeo sobre la muerte del padre de kim jong un , me recuerda muchísimo a los vídeos del nodo cuándo estaba aquí la dictadura .Y las voces de los narradores son dignas de un verdadero Drama.

⇲ The last time the portrait area in the square was altered was in 2012, when a smiling depiction of Kim Jong Il was added after he died.…




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