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Kingdom Hearts 3

Ahead of The Game Awards on Thursday night, Sony had a few exclusive reveals of its own to drop...


'Resident Evil 3' remake release date and more revealed at State of Play

Ahead of The Game Awards on Thursday night, Sony had a few exclusive reveals of its own to drop...

discovered 6 months ago on Inverse

Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND To Include Final Fantasy Characters; Releases Next Month

The Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND DLC will not just add new bosses to the game, but it will also bring...

discovered 6 months ago on Wccftech

The creepiest things we found in Kingdom Hearts games

Beyond the three titles in the main series, the Kingdom Hearts franchise includes multiple spin-offs...

discovered 6 months ago on Looper

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind launches Jan. 23 for PlayStation 4

During today’s PlayStation State of Play stream, a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind showed...

discovered 6 months ago on Polygon Games

Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC Release Date Trailer Appears

The Kingdom Hearts III DLC release date has slipped out. The ReMIND add-on will come to the PlayStation 4 first on January 23, 2020. When it does, a new...

discovered 6 months ago on Siliconera

Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND DLC New Screens Confirm The Return Of Another Final Fantasy Character

New Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND DLC screenshots have been released today, confirming the return of...

discovered 6 months ago on Wccftech

A new trailer for 'Kingdom Hearts 3's Remind DLC has surfaced early

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind DLC details and trailer footage have leaked via an official Square Enix...

discovered 6 months ago on Newsweek

Final Fantasy characters return to Kingdom Hearts in KH3: ReMind DLC

One of the complaints around Kingdom Hearts 3 was the surprising absence of Final Fantasy...

discovered 6 months ago on CNET


⇲ Yozora - Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC (2020)

⇲ Enter the Darkness - Kingdom Hearts 3 (2019)

⇲ That's Kingdom Hearts 2 Axel, from 2005. Here's Kingdom Hearts 3 Axel from 2019~ I just miss the old sharper and brighter looking guess. I feel like some of the charisma of the franchise is gone because that style is too. 😥

⇲ Want to bake while you’re staying at home? Use these KINGDOM HEARTS Cookie Cutters by 3D4Gamers! You can buy 1 for $7.55, 2 for $12.95, 3 for $17.28 or all 6 for $32.41! #kingdomhearts #_KH #キングダムハーツ #KHMerch…

⇲ Parasoul Beauty From Kingdom Hearts 3 I really tried and it looks kinda bad, don't kill me pls :(

⇲ Watching Yen Sid going full Moses splitting the sea in Fantasia like he did in Kingdom Hearts 3 with the heartless was pretty awesome to see. 😊 Didn’t even realize it was a reference from the the 1940 movie

⇲ Running through Kingdom Hearts 3 again because DDD got annoying. I got sick of dropping

⇲ Zerei Kingdom Hearts 3

⇲ Kingdom Hearts 3 Reviews are so conflicting across the board, like one thing someone hates another person loves, one thing a person loves another hates... lol that's opinions for yah.

⇲ I just found a folder on my portable hard drive containing the first character art for Kingdom Hearts 3 from back in 2014. I was so unbelievably excited when I saw these!

⇲ *Kingdom Hearts 3: Limit Cut in a nutshell* Riku: Ok everybody, let's go find Sora! Kairi: You got it! Kairi:

⇲ 👀🗝️💗MAY 23rd 12PM EST I am playing Kingdom Hearts 3 BLINDFOLDED for St. Jude Play Live on my Twitch Channel! (24 HOURS MAX) Not only is it Blindfolded, but YOU can Sabotage my play through by donating! (Make me Die, Use All My Mana, Only Use Spells, etc.) Channel Link in Bio

⇲ YAY!! 2 Deluxe editions I own: Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake:

⇲ Was Kingdom Hearts 3 actually a mess, or did I just set my expectations too high after waiting thirteen years?

⇲ A Into the spiderverse tie in game on ps5 that canonically takes place after ITSV2. Made by ether Bluepoint games, bend studio, platinum games or purple lamp studios. Using the unreal engine 5 plays similar to kingdom hearts, ultimate alliance 3 with a bit of spidey ps4…

⇲ Some characters in Kingdom Hearts 3 was muted right? Like Phil forexample, i wonder what they'll do with Goofy, since his japanese voice actor died last year. :c

⇲ Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts II The World Ends With You Pokemon Gold/Silver DBZ Budokai 2 & 3 Final Fantasy Dissidia & Duodecim…

⇲ 5 OTPs from 5 fandoms. Tagged by @xhici_thefujo 1. Roxas/Namine - Kingdom Hearts 2. Rey/Kylo Ren - Star Wars 3. Noctis/Stella - Final Fantasy 4. Elsa/Jack Frost - Frozen/Rise of the Guardians 5. Link/Zelda - Legend of Zelda I tag anyone who wants to do this haha.

⇲ #PS4share kingdom hearts 3 @kingdomhearts ³




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