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Lena Horne

Like any grown-ups, then or now, they worried about the power that television had over children. The...


'Sesame Street' is still teaching the world how to be nice

Like any grown-ups, then or now, they worried about the power that television had over children. The...

discovered 7 months ago on San Francisco Chronicle

‘Sesame Street’ taught the world how to be nice. It’s still at it, if you need a refresher.

The origin story of “Sesame Street,” which has become a permanent piece of cultural history and TV...

discovered 7 months ago on Washington Post

Crestview Schools honor rolls

CRESTVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL All A’s 2nd Grade: Aubry Barnett, Judah Birchler, Shannon Black, Bristol Brubaker,Ellyson Bulick, Nolan Collins, Claire Crable,

discovered 7 months ago on Salem News

Tony Bennett, going strong at 93, gives his take on music, world peace and finding passion

Tony Bennett, a constant of American music for nearly 70 years, is still crooning at age 93. “It’s not that you want to sing, it’s that you have to sing,” Bennett remembers jazz great Joe Williams ...

discovered 7 months ago on Bradenton Herald

A tour inside a Broadway theater is the place to geek out

Walking into a Broadway theater at show time is something special — the electricity, the excited murmurs, the shared anticipation. A newly launched tour of the Hudson Theatre offers a rare chance ...

discovered 7 months ago on The Day

Tony Bennett talks tech, Gaga, America and imagines his own biopic

At some point, there’s bound to be a Tony Bennett movie. What period of his extraordinary life — his World War II service; his rise to swingin’ ’60s fame and social activism; his leaner, troubled ...

discovered 7 months ago on Tampa Bay Times

Friday's Scores and more


discovered 7 months ago on The Danville Commercial-News

Zemma Lowery Sproul - Shelby County Reporter

Mrs. Zemma Lowery Sproul died peacefully at her home in Calera on Sunday, Nov. 24, at the age of 94. A visitation will be held Wednesday, Nov. 27 from 11 a.m. – noon at Rockco Funeral Home in ...

discovered 7 months ago on The Shelby County Reporter


⇲ My mother, @krissylupu, dressed up to STAY HOME as Lena Horne tonight for her Zoom party. Theme: Dress as a famous Black American.

⇲ Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson and Lena Horne During filming of Cabin In The Sky, 1943

⇲ Lena Horne MGM publicity shot for Till The Clouds Roll By, 1946

⇲ Every year, people on Facebook learn that Lena Horne passed away.…

⇲ Before I get into some of my favorite aspects of this film, let’s acknowledge the superstar cast this movie had. Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell, Ted Ross, Richard Pryor, Lena Horne, and Mabel King.....icons

⇲ This evening’s Ramadan pre-sunset selections: Aperol and soda, with Miss Lena Horne giving us some Porter on the hi-fi. A lamb ragout bubbles quietly in the kitchen. The Yorkie, as is his wont, snores contentedly.

⇲ Laurence Olivier, star of the play "The Entertainer" with Greer Garson and Lena Horne on a yacht cruise around Manhattan as his way of saying farewell to his New York theatre colleagues on 9th May, 1958.

⇲ I’ll never get over the fact that Michael was 19-20 working with registered legends during The Wiz. Like imagine sitting with Diana Ross, Lena Horne, Ted Ross and Nipsey Russell at such a young age

⇲ Trecho do discurso emocionado da Halle: "Este momento é muito maior do que eu. É por Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, Diahann Carroll... É por cada mulher de cor que agora tem uma chance."

⇲ Lena Horne died on this date May 9 in 2010. Photo by Carl Van Vechten. #OTD

⇲ How she get on this list in front of Lena Horne, Billy Holliday, Pearl Bailey, Dorothy Dandridge, Josephine Baker, Anita Baker, Patti LaBelle, Chaka Khan....Marilyn shoulda been dead last!!!!

⇲ Not so long ago ! Great performers like Armstrong, Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald , Nat King Cole etc had to enter Hotels via the back door when they were booked to entertain. Sinatra insisted Sammy Davis entered via the front entrance with him when they shared the bill…

⇲ Remembering Lena Horne.

⇲ Dope Friday @MumsThatSlay challenge 'Style Me Famous' inspired by Black Hollywood, Lena Horne and the like, my character is Selma Thorne 🙃 #dopefriday #dressup #QuarantineLife

⇲ Lena Horne - I Got It Bad -- Good Listening

⇲ Fun fact: a youtube comment claims Lena Horne (also in the movie), was supposed to do this scene/song, but she injured her ankle(s?) and couldnt do it so director Vincent Minelli (yes, Liza's dad) reworked the scene with Estelle Waters instead with this fire af result; bless.

⇲ Lena Horne - On a Wonderful Day Like Today (Feelin' Good/ Lena In Hollywood)…

⇲ Original caption: Sitting star. New York: With a far away look on her face, Lena Horne, star of the Broadway musical 'Jamaica,' sits for her portrait in New York City. Painting her is Geoffrey Holder.

⇲ I had a lot of fun researching & writing this piece with @bethnevhistory for the @AvaMuseum. Check it out to learn about some of the museum’s celebrity supporters & visitors. #NCMuseumsUnlocked #TCMParty #GregoryPeck #MickeyRooney #VirginiaMayo #LenaHorne…




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