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The Limbaugh family is a prominent political family from Missouri. Its members have served as attorneys, politicians, judges, and political commentators both in the Missouri area and on a national scale. Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is a member of the family. Georg Friedrich Limbach, the first family member in America, was born in Germany circa 1737 and arrived at Berks County, Pennsylvania as a young man in 1753. In 1758, George married Anna Catharine Ritter and had six sons. George settled in Missouri Territory in 1800 with his youngest son Michael and 19 other families. The family developed ties to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and served in a number of municipal capacities, including the governance of Southeast Missouri State University. • Jefferson W. Limbaugh Jr., judge and attorney from Jackson, Missouri, who was one of the first mayors of Jackson and was a member of the bar for more than 25 years.


Rachel Maddow: Trump letter threatening WHO reads like 'some crank calling in at the end of the Rush...

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow called President Trump's letter to the World Health Organization this week...

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Trump didn't drain the swamp. Now Biden may drown him in it.

Whatever happened to “drain the swamp” — one of the original promises from then-candidate Donald J....

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Major Republican and Democratic campaign organizations are using shady "news" sites to spread...

1. Which health and beauty website has published COVID-19 misinformation? 2. How many of the...

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Opinion | What’s really behind Republicans wanting a swift reopening? Evangelicals.

Blaming so-called right-wing media for the strikingly different attitudes between the GOP and...

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Tim Graham: Anti-Trump media play dumb on Obamagate – See, hear, speak no evil about ex-president

President Trump has tweeted feverishly about "Obamagate," which is loosely defined as everything the...

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David Limbaugh: RIP Ravi Zacharias, good and faithful servant

Three short months ago, I received an encouraging text from my friend Ravi Zacharias. Ravi was a unique Christian apologist and evangelist -- a giant in his field. No one presented the Gospel more cogently and winsomely than he.

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Seth Meyers Delivers Major Takedown Of Right-Wing Coronavirus Conspiracy

“Some have even theorized that it’s a media conspiracy to keep people permanently afraid,” the “Late...

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Moore: I miss Paul Harvey

Rush Limbaugh single-handedly revived AM radio. In 1988, his syndicated talk show brought people back to a place they had left for the FM dial. The first...

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