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Live Venus Transit


Horoscopes for Wednesday, May 13, 2020

If you start to feel edgy and nervous, blame it on Mars kicking up dirt in your twelfth house of secrets and solitude. With Mars behind the scenes and Venus turning retrograde ...

discovered 1 month ago on Miami Herald

Gridlock solutions envisioned with driverless cars, flying taxis and delivery drones

Yes, and many of those optimistic, innovative people gathered in downtown Miami on Thursday to share...

discovered 7 months ago on Miami Herald

Mercury putting on rare show Monday, parading across the sun

The entire 5 ½-hour event will be visible, weather permitting, in the eastern U.S. and Canada, and...

discovered 7 months ago on Miami Herald

Mercury will pass in front of the sun on Monday

In a rare celestial event, Mercury will pass in front on the sun on Monday, Nov. 11. The stellar show, which only happens about 13 times a century,...

discovered 7 months ago on The Idaho Statesman

See Mercury glide across the sun in rare sky show

On November 11, the innermost planet will sail across the solar disk in an event that won't repeat for another 13 years.

discovered 7 months ago on MSN News

How to Watch Mercury Transit the Sun

On Monday, you can witness Mercury in motion as the tiny planet waltzes across the face of the sun. This celestial dance, known as the transit of...

discovered 7 months ago on The New York Times via Yahoo News

How to Use Mobile Astronomy Apps to View the Mercury Transit of 2019

On Nov. 11, 2019, the world will witness a rare transit of Mercury across the disk of the sun. In this edition of Mobile Astronomy, we'll highlight the 2019 transit ...

discovered 7 months ago on

Mercury is making a rare ‘transit’ across the sun. Here’s how to watch.

Mercury, the smallest planet in the solar system, is set to inch across the face of the sun in...

discovered 7 months ago on NBC NEWS


⇲ It's a good thing Shirley Hazzard didn't live to see the opening of "The Transit of Venus" classified as a thunderstorm rather than a thunder event.

⇲ Idk what is with me and Three Days Grace but clearly I love them lmao I'm sorry but Transit of Venus was simply not it. Peak angst right here but even when I'm not in my feelings I live for these albums to this day

⇲ Not necessarily. The transit Venus Rx would be the Venus for the marriage chart. A similar natal placement doesn’t promise success. In a person, Venus Rx is one thing. In a marriage, it’s not a fun time. We also have to consider the other partner’s astrology & how they live it.

⇲ Venus Transits the Sun. On Monday 12:35 UTC Mercury is gonna transit the Sun... Follow @scitechuniverse to watch it LIVE.

⇲ Three Days Grace - Riot Live in Lubbock via @YouTube throwback to when @threedaysgrace performed with Matt on their transit of Venus tour

⇲ East Coast Racer is fabulous live and what a crescendo. Victorian Brickwork live is a big fav of mine. Transit Of Venus Across The Sun I also love. @bigbigtrain

⇲ I had a live feed setup for the transit of venus, fed to all the TV screens in the school. Very similar.

⇲ This venus in sag transit really has me wanting to live life and just run with the wind

⇲ 25:35 “superficial competition ... some of you are royalty and it’s insulting” 🤣 you guys #astrology is the live stream gathering of your childhood church going dreams tune in the Transit Talk - #Venus In #Capricorn (The Real Deal) @ThePeaceDealer

⇲ who wanna live up this 5h venus transit w me

⇲ A look at the nuances, subtle, loud, personal & astrological, as Pluto begins to transit my t-square, beginning with my Capricorn Venus opp Uranus in Cancer. Join me live this Friday, March 1, free to all. Starting 5:30pm EST. The link for the meeting

⇲ X Moon Chronicles: Mason-Dixon Stargate Mystery UFO Venus Transit! via @darkjournalist Live Now!

⇲ 3/10: Kepler's "Rudolphine Tables", published 1627, let him predict a Mercury (and Venus) transit for 1631 but he didn't live to see them. Kepler previously thought he had caught a transit but quickly realised it was just a sunspot.…

⇲ This Venus Aquarius transit in my 9th house literally has me swapping nudes with people.....but just as friends....and also me giving advice on different angles and lighting like lmao is this how natal Aqua Venus people live?!

⇲ Bharani (current moon transit 🌕) is the birth of Venus energy as it is the first Venus ruled nakshatra. Bharani moon natives love to live lavishly and indulge their senses.

⇲ Meet your soul mate, live the good life, find luck and #wealth during the 25-day period of #Venus’ transit in its own house, #Libra from Oct 4 – 28, 2019!

⇲ Mercury Transit Mon 11/11 Image shows Venus Transit 6/5/12. Listen to my live guest appearances:… Twin Cities area friends visit @BellMuseum live solarscope viewing; 7 am - noon. #MercuryTransit #Astronomy #incredible Don’t look at sun! Use solar filter.

⇲ Reimagine your way forward. Fight for your dream! "Live out your imagination not your history." #Astrology #transit #tip #inspiration #quote #foryourwellbeing Friday Feb. 28th - #Venus in #Aries 😀 #Pluto in #Capricorn, #Mercury Rx in #Pisces ✳️ #Uranus in #Taurus

⇲ Ugh now I gotta live till I'm in NY 150s to see the next Venus transit..thanks mom! Talk about a slog!




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