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How some employers are helping workers pay student loans

Trilogy Health Services, a Louisville, Kentucky-based operator of senior living facilities, has paid...

discovered 6 months ago on Market Watch

How To Qualify For A Mortgage If You're Drowning In Student Loan Debt

Student debt remains one of the few unifying themes among an increasingly diverse population. For...

discovered 6 months ago on Forbes

Just 30 taxi drivers get clean air zone loans

Just 30 taxi drivers have received loans from a scheme set up to help them buy greener vehicles, despite more than 2,000 applying. Cabbies in Leeds can...

discovered 6 months ago on BBC News

Amigo Loans big three to leave as founder James Benamor returns to board

The chief executive and chairman of Amigo Loans on Monday said they will quit the struggling...

discovered 6 months ago on Evening Standard via Yahoo Finance UK

Robbing 401(k)s to Pay Student Loans Is Tiny Tweak to Big Problem

The immediate outcry (his tweet has the dreaded “ratio” of significantly more comments than likes)...

discovered 6 months ago on Bloomberg via Yahoo Finance

British father who flew to UAE for a holiday is now being held there

A British father who flew to Dubai for a job interview claims he has suffered identity theft and is...

discovered 6 months ago on Daily Mail

Turkey Adjusts Reserve Rules to Spur Loans to Production Sectors

Turkey's central bank on Monday effectively raised the ceiling on loan growth targets needed for...

discovered 6 months ago on US News & World Report

Tory candidate defends food bank comments

A Conservative candidate who was filmed saying food bank users could take out payday loans has said some of his words were taken out of context. Darren...

discovered 6 months ago on BBC News




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