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Lori Berenson

Lori Helene Berenson is an American convicted felon, who served a 20-year prison sentence for collaboration with a terrorist organization in Peru in 1996. Berenson worked with the Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, a group accused of trying to overthrow the Peruvian government by force, and is considered a terrorist organization by the Peruvian government. The MRTA was placed on the U.S. State Department's official "terrorist organization" list from 1997–2001. Her arrest and conviction, and the circumstances surrounding her trials, drew considerable attention in both the United States and Peru.


Review: 'The Gringa,' at once a naif and a radical

When we first meet Leonora, the protagonist of Andrew Altschul’s sharp novel “The Gringa,” she’s proudly declaring herself a terrorist.

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⇲ I wrote about "The Gringa," a fictionalized take on Lori Berenson (the American who famously joined a Peruvian guerrilla group in the '90s) that is either a brilliant or quite possibly accidental critique of US solipsism:…

⇲ Have you ever hear about Lori Berenson? She united to a terrorist group in Peru. She was judged condened and served her sentence in Peru. If she commited a crime in Syria or Irak she should be judged there

⇲ Lori Berenson, where have you gone?

⇲ #CommieWaters was a huge advocate of convicted felon Lori Berenson, who despite collaborating with Marxist guerrillas in Peru to kidnap members of Congress, @RepMaxineWaters called her an intelligent and caring young woman.

⇲ lori berenson gets the gasface

⇲ Thanks for the Lori Berenson nostalgia trip.

⇲ In Andrew Altschul's new novel, "The Gringa," a thinly fictionalized version of Lori Berenson — the New Yorker who was arrested in Peru in the '90s as a left-wing collaborator — tells her story to a young American novelist a lot like Altschul.

⇲ @RPPNoticias @KeikoFujimori @ppkamigo @AlanGarciaPeru Fujimori responded to a MAOIST GUERRILLA that sought to impose communist regime in Peru. Leftist radicals can only be stopped by sheer violence. I am sure you learned Peruvian history by reading Lori Berenson's rants!

⇲ proxies cause chaos all over that country, including getting support from indoctrinated American Marxist fanatic Lori Berenson, who served a nearly two decade prison sentence for her involvement in the Communist proxies' subversive activities in Peru) Bolivia: 2002-present (

⇲ I remain enamored of the concept of the Year Zero (along with my love for the French Republican Calendar), but the genocide stuff? Not so much. I mean, supporting Lori Berenson would have been one thing, but the Sendera Luminosa?

⇲ Chomsky also supported Lori Berenson, an American that helped local leftwing terrorists in my country.…… I'm no expert in any of this, but I'd wager Chomsky's got an ideology issue.

⇲ They were considered terrorists back then too. Today, for example, Lori Berenson is still treated like an idealist by some US outlets

⇲ Lori Berenson After Being Held 20 Years in Peru:…

⇲ A Peruvian judge has granted parole to Lori Berenson, a 40-year-old New ... via @YouTube

⇲ Sorry guys but she backed a convicted terrorist, Lori Berenson, in her show some years back, so why should she be trusted?

⇲ She also made the casémonos her show for a convicted terrorist, Lori Berenson, so please tell me why she is to be trusted?

⇲ Now I used to own a Volvo station wagon and live in Berkeley, so I have no problem with that, but that’s not in and of itself evidence of a coherent platform. I mean, one of the items there is “free Lori Berenson”. How would that have worked? She was imprisoned in fucking PERU.

⇲ ENTREVISTA Lori Berenson antes de su expulsión del Perú (PARTE 1) via @YouTube

⇲ lori berenson via @YouTube. A sicopatia é a base do terrorismo. É uma espécie de daltonismo subhumano.




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