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Love Bites


A conversation with make-up artist, Larry Yeo

I also conduct workshops where I present to people about skincare and make-up on behalf of beauty brands, imparting practical skills as well as clear up...

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Pete Shelley, Buzzcocks Lead Singer, Dies at 63

Pete Shelley, the lead singer for British post-punk band the Buzzcocks, has died at the age of 63, TheWrap has confirmed. The BBC first reported that...

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Fricke’s Picks: Buzzcocks, Moskus and More

The latest CD-and-vinyl iterations of the Buzzcocks’ first two albums didn’t arrive in time for their 40th-anniversary deadline. By cruel coincidence,...

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These Austin-based cats are up for adoption and in need of a good home

There are dozens of cats up for adoption right here in Austin. Hoodline partnered with Petfinder, an...

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Halestorm Talk Owning Sex on Their New LP and Why Heavy Music Is ‘Genderless’

Sex is part of who I am, and this is one of those things where if I’m going to own it, I’m going to...

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In Photos: Halestorm, In This Moment and New Years Day Rock New York City (11/24)

Vultures”, “Do Not Disturb”, “Uncomfortable”, “Vicious”, and “Killing Ourselves to Live”. The band...

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21 Valentine’s Day gifts that are unique and affordable

Ahead, find the best Valentine's Day items that will make the holiday unforgettable. Dainty jewelry...

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Woah. Are these photos of Kendall Jenner and Anwar Hadid with matching love bites?

Well things ended up cooling off for Kendall and Bella and Gigi Hadid’s brother, and she moved on to...

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⇲ Love Bites || #jikook NSFW one shot - 2K words - smut - Vampire JK x Human JM


⇲ IMPORTANT TO YOU THAT LIKES HICKEYS AND LOVE BITES in 2016, a man died from a hickey made by his girlfriend. The hickey was on the neck, right by the carotid artery. This caused a blood clot to form and it eventually migrated to his brain, resulting in his death.

⇲ Love bites chahiye the... Mosquito bites nahi.

⇲ Yey love bites hain ya Hijama bites? 🤔

⇲ the one thing that really doesn’t make sense to me and therefore indicates larry is real is that from giving each other love bites in interviews harry and louis just stopped interacting completely. from one day to the next. everyone else still interacted but them. shady asf

⇲ Getting my dad into lovebites whilst making a trip to the tip 😁😁

⇲ you + me = cuddles and love bites

⇲ larry: *sit on each other's laps, hold each other's waists, attack each other with cheek kisses, fake lovebites etc* i don't act like that with my bsfs of 10+ years and these bitches do this the second they meet?? either i have really shite friends or they had feels

⇲ She looks like an angel so beautiful but listen to her voice it's so powerful #lovebites #asami ❤

⇲ Am I cute? 🥺


⇲ [Pleasure and lovebites]


⇲ Katsuki leaves hickeys and love bites on Izuku's cheeks, I don't have proofs but neither doubts.


⇲ hi this is for @slimepog . Charlie is panting and whimpering as you slowly take off your shirt after a sexual tension filled dinner, hickeys and love bites already littered around his neck and chest. once your shirt is off charlie is immidiently begging for you to fuck him-

⇲ My full course meal... Too hot to eat... Too Yummy to resist... Wish could eat you slowly with lots of Love Bites 💋💋💋 Mmm you should be eaten. I will eat you @iamsrk 💋





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