Can constipation cause a headache? What to know

Sometimes, constipation and headaches can occur at the same time. Read on to learn about some of the conditions that can cause these two symptoms to...

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Runaways’ final season hints at what the series could be

Putting aside the jokes about how the title characters in Marvel’s Runaways didn’t actually run away...

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Why your generic drugs may not be safe and the FDA may be too lax | The Conversation

Generic prescription drugs have saved the U.S. about $1.7 trillion over the past decade. The Food...

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Marvel's Runaways Final Season Video: In Whom Is the Fourth Alien Hiding? Plus, Nico vs. Karolina's...

In the clip above, Xavin (played by Clarissa Thibeaux) warns the Runaways that while the Magistrate,...

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The Strange Drug Killing Northern Ireland's Heroin Users

One legacy of the Troubles is a drug named "bud". On the 16th of November, the unconscious body of...

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Better Buy: Pfizer vs. Bristol-Myers Squibb | The Motley Fool

Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) is merging its Upjohn business with Mylan (NASDAQ:MYL). Bristol-Myers Squibb...

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‘LHHH’ Reunion Spoilers: Ray J defends A-1 to Princess & Lyrica

On the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood season six reunion, Ray J and Princess love are sitting together and A-1 is trying to defend himself to Lyrica.

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'LHH: Hollywood' Star Brittany Begs Lyrica Anderson to Get Husband A1 Bentley Out of Her DMs

It apparently got so bad to the point where the reality TV beauty had to beg her nemesis and A1's...

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Elizabeth Hurley says her Marvel's Runaways villain is her darkest role yet: 'What's not to love?'

While she’s been trapped in the Dark Dimension for a long time when season 3 begins, her connection...

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‘L&HH: Hollywood’ Reunion: A1 Denies New Cheating Claims After Betraying Lyrica With Summer Bunni

A1 and Lyrica Anderson revealed their current relationship status during the ‘Love & Hip Hop:...

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Has your doctor recommended treating your neuropathy with prescription drugs that only temporarily take the edge off your symptoms if they work at all? Peripheral Neuropathy is a result of damage ...

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Lance Cpl. Thomas Parker: Inmate No. 3023132, Bib No. 4109

The 29-year-old Marine veteran needed to make the 5-mile standard he set for himself, and he...

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Best Bets This Weekend: Music From a Long Time Ago and a Galaxy Far, Far Away

There's a theory that the universe in which the Star Wars franchise exists coincides with our 18th...

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Madison harp and organ concert Saturday to benefit 'Grow It Green'

Saturday evening's program will feature Merynda Adams on harp and Brian Preston Harlow on organ. The...

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Fort Myers’ mega marijuana doc: ‘It’s gotten huge’

After serving 20 years in the Navy, veteran Jeff DeMond has the scars to show for it.

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Blac Chyna Tries to Help Mom Tokyo Toni Find a Man with a Proper Stroke

Blac Chyna is trying to help Tokyo Toni find true love by making sure her mom's suitors know how to...

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What Does the Future of Pain Management Look Like? Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists Weigh In

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists weigh in.

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5. Mikael Dolsten, Pfizer

There’s more pain to come with the loss of exclusivity for $3.5 billion pain drug Lyrica, and that prompted a major restructuring drive by new CEO Albert...

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‘L&HH: Hollywood’: Lyrica Goes On A Picnic With A1 & Looks Through His DMs

Lyrica's mom was not too pleased when she learned that her daughter and A1 had reconnected during...

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