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Matthew Mcconaughey

Amazon has denied infringing the US firm's designs. Allbirds woollen trainers have become trendy among celebrities, with Oprah Winfrey, Matthew ...


Amazon shoe 'strikingly similar' to Allbirds model

Amazon has denied infringing the US firm's designs. Allbirds woollen trainers have become trendy among celebrities, with Oprah Winfrey, Matthew ...

discovered 7 months ago on BBC News

77 Movies Every Woman Should Watch

The essentials.

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'How are you on this flight?': Rihanna and Paul McCartney run into each other on a plane

Thanksgiving weekend is a major time for travel and it seems like everyone is flying – even Paul...

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Thousands of planets could be orbiting super massive black holes

The idea of planets orbiting a black hole isn't new. In the 2014 movie Interstellar Matthew ...

discovered 7 months ago on Daily Mail

Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Obama, Meghan McCain, & More Stars Share Thanksgiving Day Photos

Thanksgiving Day is over, and there are only a few activities we feel like doing the next day:...

discovered 7 months ago on SheKnows via Yahoo News

Lincoln Nautilus Is On Front Lines Of Brand’s ‘Sanctuary’ Strategy

Lincoln finally seems to be hitting its stride by defining its brand as the place where...

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Happy Thanksgiving: Jimmy Fallon, Matthew McConaughey, more share messages of thanks, love

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to wish others well, acknowledge those who have helped you...

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Shop, Drink And Make Others Merry On Giving Tuesday And Through The Holidays

Actor Matthew McConaughey meets with first responders fighting ... [+] wildfires in the LA area as...

discovered 7 months ago on Forbes


⇲ Matthew McConaughey: In riding the wave of what we're learning about protection, hey wear a mask. We don't need to fight two wars; the virus & the right vs the left. That's really the wrong way to look at it. Wearing a mask is a badge of honor. We are united in this purpose. CNN.

⇲ Actor @McConaughey details his campaigns to unite the nation in a non-partisan effort to defeat the coronavirus pandemic. "Hey it's about us, as in the USA. We have to stay together, this is a human thing. Don't be divided. We don't need two wars. We have one, against the virus."

⇲ Matthew McConaughey on Fox News lecturing us all about going back to work / living. His net worth is upwards of $100M.

⇲ .@McConaughey speaks the truth folks, I'm with Matthew. See Matthew McConaughey's message to people not wearing masks…

⇲ originals #Graduation2020 @jklivinFNDN @UTAustin

⇲ Every minute of this is dripping with so much commonsense: Matthew McConaughey on how the battle against the coronavirus turned into two wars in the U.S. and how we could lose both: Us vs them (conservatives vs liberals) And Us vs the virus

⇲ "I felt that myself, my family, and the country needed a motivational reminder that America is much stronger together rather than divided by partisan politics," @McConaughey said of the new PSA.

⇲ So now that the year is over, here's a thread of crazy things that happened from the beginning at UT: - UT vs LSU stadium raid - David Dobrik causes a mob on campus - Jimmy Fallon hosts first college show on at UT - Matthew McConaughey becomes a professor here

⇲ Matthew McConaughey urges Americans not to treat pandemic as partisan issue in new PSA

⇲ What drives @McConaughey to be great? His answer was surprising and not something I’ve heard before. I loved it. What about you? Listen to our full interview via my Positive University Podcast (iTunes, etc).

⇲ Sometimes I feel like I hallucinated that whole period in human history when Matthew McConaughey used to be typecast as a RomCom leading actor

⇲ Three words: Alright, Alright, Alright—who’s ready for @McConaughey? Founder of Just Keep Livin Foundation designed to bring people together during the Coronavirus pandemic #specialreport

⇲ A very unique and warm congratulations from Matthew McConaughey to all high school seniors everywhere and longhorn grads (of course)- alright, alright, alright!…

⇲ A guy who makes a living pretending to be real people is trying to tell real people who are losing their ability to earn a living how to live…

⇲ Alright, alright, alright! 👊 @CPulisic_10 x @McConaughey

⇲ Let Science Catch Up: 🦠It’s science that will bring about proven treatments for #COVID19 🦠It’s science that will bring about a vaccine 🦠You don’t want to sacrifice safety for speed 🦠Implement measures to slow pandemic to give scientists some time to catch up @McConaughey


⇲ Matthew Mcconaughey in ‘Reign of Fire’ looks like the only person actually prepared for 2020...

⇲ can we just talk about how matthew mcconaughey never loses sex appeal??




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