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Memorial Day 2018


Atlanta police officer fired after Rayshard Brooks death during confrontation at Wendy's drive-thru

The fatal shooting of an Atlanta man by a city police officer at a fast-food restaurant late Friday...

discovered 4 weeks ago on ABC News

Stacey Abrams' push to be Joe Biden's VP choice has raised her profile – but she is an underdog

In some ways, Stacey Abrams is an outlier among the names being floated as potential vice presidential running mates for presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Abrams served in the Georgia ...

discovered 4 weeks ago on CNBC

Panthers move Richardson statue as precaution

There have been rumblings on social media that the statue may be torn down as protests continued in Charlotte following the death of George Floyd in...

discovered 4 weeks ago on ESPN

States that expanded mail voting already seeing turnout spike in primary elections

At least half of the states that held primaries last week saw increased turnout after expanding...

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Police Reform Is Necessary. But How Do We Do It?

On Memorial Day, the police in Minneapolis killed George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man. Three officers stood by or assisted as a fourth, Derek Chauvin,...

discovered 4 weeks ago on New York Times

Analysis | The Daily 202: George Romney’s son marches with Black Lives Matter protesters past the...

On Memorial Day in 1927, President Trump’s father was arrested as 1,000 white-robed Klansmen marched...

discovered 4 weeks ago on Washington Post

COVID-19 delays work to Colchester Causeway, will remain closed until fall

The Colchester Causeway, a popular biking and walking path, will remain closed this summer after...

discovered 4 weeks ago on WPTZ Burlington

What Warriors' Steve Kerr, Bob Myers have learned from their players about racial issues

Bob Myers and Steve Kerr can never fully comprehend the racism their players have experienced. But...

discovered 4 weeks ago on USA Today




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