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Memorial Day Quotes


Will the Republican Party Reject Trumpism in 2024? | Rush Limbaugh | News Radio 1190 KEX

RUSH: I also have a fabulous piece here by Mr. Angelo Codevilla -- who, by the way, I interviewed not long ago for the current issue of The Limbaugh Letter. Some of the things he said in the ...

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Recess | Community pays tribute to local hero of early education

As family members work longer hours and more days in a week, the roles of early childhood education centers and high-quality, well-trained early childhood educators become all the more critical ...

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Hansen's Sunday Notebook: Nico Mannion's game-winner ranks among the best in Arizona Wildcats...

Sean Miller’s substitution pattern in the second half of grinding victories over Pepperdine and Penn...

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Hong Kong campus protests: what would Lee Kuan Yew do?

As battles raged in Hong Kong universities, remarks by the late leader on how he handled student...

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Making the Past Personal: Heritage and Genealogy Technology and Programming

By embracing traditional and modern technology, teaching patrons how to use both effectively, and...

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Holiday guide: Some of the best Annapolis-area holiday events this year

Looking for something to do for the holidays? Annapolis and Anne Arundel County throw a Christmas...

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Live updates: Last-second FG sinks Nebraska in critical Black Friday battle

4:56 p.m. Iowa gets down the field and sinks a 48-yard field goal to seal the game. After it...

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How To Stay Safe On The Road During The Holidays | Bankrate

As exciting as the holidays are, they can also be the most dangerous time for driving. Driving...

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⇲ As we move toward Memorial Day, this article shows what's wrong with our usual "thank you" to our military. Look for the quote, "the soldiers know the slaughterhouse, while we only know the chicken nuggets," or something like that. A powerful read.…

⇲ Given that stores along the boardwalks will be closed and just people’s sense of ickiness with public toilets in general, to quote Robert Frost: “me thinks there’s gonna be a whole lotta pee in that ocean Memorial Day weekend.”

⇲ "Yes gross. Welcome to the gross business of Martial law. Welcome to what used to be individuality seized and disintegrated by cowardly group think. Welcome my friends. Welcome to the machine." -me stealing Britta quotes when my job tells me we have to work on Memorial Day

⇲ 25 Memorial Day Quotes for Your Patriotic Instagram Posts

⇲ I got it as a reading assignment from my left wing family members. I'm worried if I read it and don't agree that the world is ending b/c of Trump, I wont get invited to the Memorial day picnic. So I need a quote from a Greenwich derivatives trader. Know anyone?

⇲ My calendar just notified me that tomorrow is Peace Officers Memorial Day. Monday should be Innocent People Murdered and/or at least Unreasonably Physically Assaulted (specifically People of Color) by “Peace” Officers Day. Those quotes around “peace” are important.

⇲ Why is this a thing? Why is it even brought up? You might as well quote me as not committing to whether I will support Memorial Day occurring on schedule. Jeesus! Do better NYT!

⇲ With Memorial Day approaching, these inspiring sayings remind us that our service members are never forgotten. #MilitaryAppreciationMonth

⇲ He’s my new man crush. Their quote here is from Whitmer’s last presser. Memorial Day Weekend is gonna be all kinds of fun here in Michigan!

⇲ Memorial Day Thank You Quotes…

⇲ Memorial Day Quotes & Sayings…

⇲ Memorial Day Pictures…

⇲ Quote from article: “The House is expected to vote on the package as soon as Friday, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said there is no “urgency.” The Senate will wait until after Memorial Day to act.” It’s the same old #MoscowMitchMcTreason

⇲ Just saw two stories, both from New Jersey. One about a 4 year old being the first child to die in NJ. The other had a quote from the NJ Governor saying he'd be shocked if the beaches weren't open for Memorial Day. I do not recall the country being this divided during a crisis.

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⇲ Top 30+ Memorial Day Quotes and Wishes 2020 USA #memorialdayquotes #memorialquoteswishes #memorialday2020 #memorial_day_wishes_2020…

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⇲ It's always the generals with the bloodiest records who are the first to shout what a hell it is. And it's always the war widows who lead the Memorial Day parades. -Paddy Chayefsky #quotes #quoteOfTheDay #dailyQuotes #War #Day #First #Hell #Widows

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