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Mermaids New Evidence


Massive gathering of 1,000 squid confronts deep sea team working off Florida Keys

Deep-sea explorers working off the Florida Keys encountered a surreal scene days ago, when their...

discovered 6 months ago on Miami Herald

The most ridiculous one-star reviews for Florida’s top attractions

Last week, the Washington Post published a list highlighting brutal one-star reviews for the New...

discovered 6 months ago on Tampa Bay Times


WEDNESDAY PRIME TIME 11/06 6 pm 6:30 7 pm 7:30 (3) CBS (3.2) LAFF (6) NBC (6.3) H&I 3 News Now Live at 6:00 p.m....

discovered 6 months ago on Omaha World-Herald


⇲ I probably wouldn’t use the Intercept, one of the most pro Bernie publications out there, as any sort of evidence. The Democratic Party isn’t as far left and “progressive” as you want it to be. Start a new party if you so choose.

⇲ @DStv_Kenya When're you repeating"90s decade that connected us and Mermaids: New Evidence?

⇲ Mermaids New Evidence 2013: Discovery Channel’s New Special Explores Mermaids ( Videos)… via @epochtimes

⇲ Without BBC Science output, TV science docs would be driven almost exclusively by ratings. For context: Animal Planet’s highest-ever ratings were for a ‘documentary’ called “Mermaids: The New Evidence”. The channel is viewed by ~91M worldwide.…

⇲ Mermaids: New Evidence of Existence?… via @thgossip

⇲ Mermaids: New Evidence -… via @DailymotionUSA

⇲ Animal planet there’s two the body found and mermaids new evidence it’s believable

⇲ @stegall46 @YouTube Imma ask @andrewt80898659 for link but its under Mermaids new Evidence

⇲ The science channel showed a documentary about " mermaids; new evidence" a couple of weeks ago!

⇲ 'Megladon the new evidence' is literally 'mermaids the new evidence' fuck outta my face with this bullshit

⇲ @JaslynDiaz01 the first one is Mermaids: the body found and the second one is mermaids: new evidence.

⇲ @Tsoukalos 👽What is your opinion regarding @AnimalPlanet Mermaids:New Evidence? I think aquatic ETs reside in our oceans...👽🌊

⇲ MERMAIDS NEW EVIDENCE!:) BY THE ANIMAL PLANET!:) Wooohoooo!:) @annecurtissmith #dyesebel #haha #lolz

⇲ When people say BBC should be scrapped. Remember, this is what passes for a history documentary on a commercial channel. A smash hit on its 15th series. Even more popular than ‘Mermaids: The New Evidence’ on Animal Planet.…

⇲ I liked a @YouTube video Mermaids New Evidence They are Real!

⇲ @owvamps tu favorito porra ej mermaids the body found e dps mermaids new evidence

⇲ That's exactly how I read it! He just called for any evidence from any third party! They spent all weekend manufacturing new evidence or deepfakes! #ObamaOwnsSullivan #DeepStateCabal #ObamaGate #Flynn 🌟🌟🌟 🇺🇸

⇲ Thread by @LisaMei62: New drops (24 Feb '20). Riveting interview w/CF whistleblower @cain_nate. Had evidence of money laundering, SEC fraud, orruption & terrorism financing. Described how hard it was to get info to the right people. So many corrupt p……

⇲ “Mermaids the new evidence”




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