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Michael Ealy

Baylor’s last pass fluttered and last gasp fell to the turf incomplete, igniting a Sooner...


Oklahoma makes strong closing argument to College Football Playoff committee with Big 12 title

Baylor’s last pass fluttered and last gasp fell to the turf incomplete, igniting a Sooner...

discovered 6 months ago on Montgomery Advertiser

Who won Tuesday’s boys prep basketball games? Who stood out? Who plays Wednesday?

Here are Tuesday’s high school basketball scores. Find out how Charlotte Observer ranked Sweet 16...

discovered 6 months ago on The Charlotte Observer

College Station ISD Superintendent Named Sole Finalist For Superintendent In San Antonio Suburban...

College Station ISD superintendent Clark Ealy has been named sole finalist for the superintendent’s job in a suburban San Antonio district. The Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ...

discovered 6 months ago on WTAW NewsTalk 1620

Kiffin inherits young talent on offense

OXFORD • It was often said through the 2019 season that whoever coached Ole Miss in 2020 would have a strong core of returning young talent as a...

discovered 6 months ago on DJournalnow

Holiday 2019 binge guide: ‘The Morning Show,’ ‘The Mandalorian,’ and more series worth catching up...

With hundreds of programs competing for our attention, and the debut of even more series, courtesy...

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Why the Term “Redneck” Defies Simplistic Origin Stories

Armed coal miners surrendering their weapons to federal troops in Logan County, West Virginia in...

discovered 6 months ago on Slate

The Return of Broadcast TV

One of the more fascinating developments of this year in TV has been that the broadcast networks actually seem to be trying again. In the onslaught of...

discovered 6 months ago on Slate

CSISD Superintendent Clark Ealy to depart for position in San Antonio area

Clark Ealy, who has been with the College Station school district for almost 20 years, has been...

discovered 6 months ago on The Bryan-College Station Eagle


⇲ Just rewatched "For Coloured Girls". Now at back to hating Michael Ealy.😡 .Tomorrow , I will have to rewatch "Think like a Man" to love him again. It's a whole process. 😭

⇲ Michael Ealy's replacement 😍😂

⇲ I can see Hisham Tawfiq (I have a feeling Blacklist is nearing its end) playing a Klingon or even just a bad ass human character. Michael Ealy is another dream cast. He played an amazing android in the short-lAlmost Human (though he is busy with Stumptown, so..)

⇲ Michael Ealy could never. Gary Duordan looking healthy.

⇲ Jennifer Garner, Katie Holmes, Blake Lively, Michael Ealy, Ice Cube and Iko Uwais.…

⇲ Denver of Money Heist is definitely the white/Spanish version of @MichaelEaly — you sure your HS Sr. trip wasn’t to Murcia, Spain? 🤔🤣😩 If so, this shit makes complete sense lol

⇲ Michael Ealy really dropped them kids out that window...

⇲ You’d be a perfect replacement for Michael Ealy in ‘the perfect guy’, fkn creep…

⇲ Here's what I don't get. Every racist can rush to judge any person of color just because of their color/clothes/attitude but no can or should rush to judge someone who callously shoots/attacks/kills/harms completely innocent people of color? The hypocrisy is debilitating!

⇲ I just met a man that is a legit Michael Ealy look alike. I am in love. He also asked for my number 🥵🥵🥵

⇲ Man... when I say I still hate Michael Ealy for throwing them kids out the window!!

⇲ After sitting with my nephew in the crib all day, I see why Michael Ealy threw them kids out the window in that Tyler Perry movie.

⇲ this just reminds me that Michael Ealy decided to stop aging over a decade ago.

⇲ I still don’t like Michael Ealy for dropping them kids

⇲ So we all watching For Colored Girls? (I'll never forgive Michael Ealy for tossing those babies out the window) 😩😩😩

⇲ Idgaf about a waiting list. I did wrong and deserve to be punished! Sentence me to long, crushing hugs by Idris! I would also settle for Michael Ealy.

⇲ For Colored Girls made me dislike Michael Ealy.

⇲ He makes up everything else... almost doesn’t surprise me anymore. However, the comment yesterday about not testing dropped my jaw

⇲ Ealy & Swank's latest... FATALE (2020): #fatale #michaelealy #hilaryswank #MikeColter




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